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Texture Explorer 1.1 - Need help getting started - Keilrod - 09-19-2018

I wanna you to know that this may be really basic for you but i'm kinda new in the oot modding community, i was briefly on maco64 forums back in the days, but i'm really trying to do something "cool" just now.

I think i'm getting allright with SharpOcarina and importing custom maps but Texture Explorer is pure mistery to me.

The texture lists are in "fileList.xml" in the "profiles/XXXX/" directories but even with those tools and informations i can't manage to extract and replace those damn textures (i aim the title screen as a starting point).

Where do you think i missed a step ? Simply opening the rom via Texture Explorer is not enough to gain access to the datas ? Maybe i should use the offset in "fileList.xml" in a smarter way to find desired texture ?

Thanks for reading ! ( but a bit of help would be also welcome Big Grin)

Edit : maybe i should've post it in Z64 section but because Texture Explorer is not limited to Zelda i suppose i didn't do wrong