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Nimpize Adventure - Ostrealava02 - 12-29-2017


Nimpize Adventure is an 1.0 Ocarina of Time hack I started this summer.
I'm working with multiples releases which allow me to add/fix content and take break from hacking if I want to.
Because of hardware compability (I want my hack working on WiiVC) there is at the moment no custom maps in there.

The last release (Nimpize Adventure V2) contains the entire Child Section with "new" story, new overworld & dungeons (3+), custom shops ,new golden skulls & hps locations etc.. and it is harder than Master Quest.

EDIT: Working on the v3 version (the last one), v2 isn't available unless you ask me on discord Ostrealava02#0709

Release of the v3 on: I don't know

RE: Nimpize Adventure - Psi-Hate - 12-30-2017

Looks really good and well put together!

RE: Nimpize Adventure - Ideka - 12-31-2017

This project is really promising! You're proving that one doesn't need to have amazing new maps and models to mod OoT into a really fun, new experience. I'm playing through it on my Everdrive 64, and although I haven't beaten it yet, I'm really enjoying it so far. You have some great puzzle ideas and challenging segments. Keep it up!

RE: Nimpize Adventure - DooseMD - 05-03-2018

Download link is dead

RE: Nimpize Adventure - Ostrealava02 - 05-03-2018

Please wait for the v3.

RE: Nimpize Adventure - Joenzi - 07-25-2018

ANy updates coming soon?

RE: Nimpize Adventure - Ostrealava02 - 07-29-2018

Currently working in the v3.
Can't tell when exactly it will be released, but it will be before 2019 for sure.