by Armos at 11-05-2018, 06:01 AM
Hi everyone. I have a tool suggestion for us newbie and experienced modders that'll put less stress on us creating mods. This involves ASM hacking as well. I was wondering if its possible to make a user friendly program that will allow users in the modding business that want to create a project for their mod. To be able to let us test certain stuff in game so we can patch the thing in game its self. Like for example. What if you want to generate some fog in the game using a scene file that supports fog, Its been awhile since I modded or done any Zelda hacking stuff so I'm really sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about. And we can make experiment with certain stuff. Like for example. Make a bow for young link to wield. Or be able to change the fire arrows to a different color from red to blue. Or summon a storm any time we want or vice verse. Sorry if I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. But I was just curious if this kind of thing is possible. Creating a user friendly tool that will allow you to do all these cool things. I've seen a bunch of stuff done with ASM hacking on YouTube so I was pretty amazed on what people can do. So I was wondering if its possible to make a program for people to have options to do what ever they want in the game and inject it into binary or the debug rom, etc Kinda like the actor hacking programs. That would make life so much easier if we can do something like this. But it's just a pipe dream. But I was wondering if its possible to make a program like this. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. If you think it doesn't belong here please move it to the right forum! Thank you! It's just a suggestion so sorry if I offended any asm modders.
by CubanR at 10-27-2018, 04:37 AM
Not sure where to post this thread since it's not technically modding.

Just a model/texture I made in my spare time. It's not much, but I figure it may be of some use to contribute various resources for people to use in their projects.

[Image: DqfNfl9W4AEGiDp.jpg]

Download Here:
by Armos at 10-18-2018, 09:05 PM
Hello guys, I didn't see no introduction thread. But I wanted to introduce my self. I used to be really interested in Zelda modding. And I am interested in creating Zelda maps for fun for the Debug ROM. So I was hoping I could get some help here. I am a really nice guy. Been going through allot of personal stuff. I've been around since ZSO and allot of other places. I am not a good Zelda modder. I don't plan to make any Zelda Projects. I just want to experiment with it and see if I can get better at it as a hobby. My main goal is to make my very own custom dungeon map. I've experienced with mapping before. It's pretty fun but couldn't get Sketchup to work that well. I hear this is a very friendly community. Like I've said I've been on ZSO, Zelda64, etc. I used to go by the name of Shade back in ZSO. But that's along time ago. I'm 27 now. I still got a little experience in modding. But I'm not an expert like the rest of you. I just want to find a hobby to do and see what I can come up with. I just want to get off my butt and start experimenting for educational use and to have FUN! Smile I know some guys might recognize me from glitchkill, The GCN, or ZSO. But if you find that I'm not entirely being honest then I'm sorry. I've been going through allot of health problems lately. So I hope we all can become friends and have a good time and discuss modding and all that and help each other out! ^_^  Big Grin Hope you'll all welcome me. I hope this place isn't dead either. I found the site on N64Mods YouTube channel. Smile Anyway have a good day, night, evening, morning, where ever you are. Smile
by Psi-Hate at 10-16-2018, 12:42 AM
Hi everyone, this blog is dedicated to posting updates about the development of OoT Online. We'll try to update as often as we can when we reach points we wish to show off. 

OoT Online Team:

One of us will update through new posts when we get the chance, so stay tuned!

[Image: logo.png?width=885&height=498]
by JabuJabule at 10-13-2018, 10:11 PM
Here is a model preset guide for Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask with pictures.
This guide is in feet and units. Some parts of the original guide are copied over and/or modified. Adult Link is added for comparison.

Regular Doorway:

[Image: THI3ma1.png]

- 5 feet wide
- 8'4 feet high
- 1'8 feet deep

- 60 units wide
- 100 units high
- 20 units deep

- When connecting two rooms, you must put a door model in each room you want Link to enter and exit from.
- When creating the doorways: With the collision, you want to make an invisible barrier (that way Link cannot walk through the wall into the next room).

Boss Doorway:

[Image: dIPiohz.png]

- 10 feet wide
- 13'4 feet high
- 1'8 feet deep

- 120 units wide
- 160 units high
- 20 units deep

Crawl Space:

[Image: DXyOWnU.png]

- 2'8 feet wide
- 2 feet high
- As deep as desired

- 32 units wide
- 24 units high
- As deep as desired

- There will need to be an individual wall for Link to interact with. This is the "doorway", which is what you press A on to enter. This "wall" must be placed 1'8 feet (20 units) inside of each side of the crawlspace. The solid side must also be facing inwards.


[Image: jLklvXk.png]

Actual ladder:

- 2'8 feet wide
- As tall as desired

- 32 units wide
- As tall as desired

Climb down interaction:

- 2'8 feet wide
- 1'8 feet tall

- 32 units wide
- 20 units high

- The actual ladder must be it's own component, and be named "Ladder". Hylian Toolbox will recognize this as a ladder, but you can also manually add the ladder flag.
- The climb down interaction is placed at the top of the ladder, white side (solid side) facing out. Make this piece a component and name it "LadderTop". If using Hylian Toolbox, it will recognize this and it should work as soon as you import your map. If not, you can give this component a "ladder top" flag.
- Ladders should be placed five inches (5") (Units: 60) from whatever wall Link is climbing onto. This ensures the ladder has the space so Link can climb off and on (at the top) perfectly, and is genuine to the games. This also separates the ladder top component from the actual ladder.


[Image: 1o8CqXo.png]

- 1'8 feet wide
- 3'4 feet high
- As long as desired

- 20 units wide
- 40 units high
- As long as desired

- This is for the collision of the fence. The mesh has the texture, with the texture double sided in the middle.
- This is the fence where Young Link will climb onto and Adult Link will hop over.
by JabuJabule at 10-13-2018, 08:53 PM
Hey everyone! I didn't seem to find a new member's forum, so here I am. I hadn't realized everyone switched over to a new forum after Zelda64. Lots of forum swaps over the years huh...

Anyways, for anyone who remembers me I'm JabuJabule. I've been around for quite a long time in the Zelda modding community. Haven't done too much with OoT or MM in the past few years, but I'm hoping to make that change soon!

About me at the moment, I'm in nursing school, and of course I love Zelda. I'm a big Switch gamer, and even 3DS at times.

Anyways, hi! And welcome....back, I guess? I know many of you anyways. Tongue
by Nokaubure at 09-23-2018, 07:03 PM
I realized a lot of people have similar problems regarding the usage of SharpOcarina, I will gather all of them in this topic. The only emulator taken into account is project64.

My map doesn't load! / crashes after opening a door! / crashes after exiting a grotto hole!

Go to Tools > Clear scene dma table, and select your ROM. If you're wondering why this isn't done by default, is because it prevents the ROM from being compressed. There's no harm in having an uncompressed ROM, and most common tools will continue working even if you remove it.

I get a blackscreen when launching the ROM!

Go to settings in project64, and change RAM size to 8. Pj64 reverts this option back to 4 everytime the CRC is recalculated.

I get a "permanent loop" error when launching the ROM!

Recalculate the CRC, you can do it with SO, either in the options tab or by clearing the dma table

My object file doesn't load in SO!

Can be various things, the most common is the model is not triangulated, or you used the wrong export settings in blender. Export settings for blender:

[Image: unknown.png?width=146&height=331]

Some of the textures in my scene doesn't appear correctly!

Make sure you follow the texture size standards

[Image: unknown.png]

My textures look glitched / very streched when I use render mode or I test it ingame!

This is an issue that mostly happens with Sketchup, you can use a tool for sm64 named texture fix. Note that you will no longer be able to use polytypes with the UI after using it.

Polytypes are not working!

This feature is kinda tricky to work. It checks for groups that have the same name on both the room and the collision file. Normally if you're getting this issue is because you used texture fix with a sketchup model. Your only way to fix this is by using the Tag system with the latest sharp ocarina version (0.97)

Tag system only works with the collision file. For a list of tags check XML\ModelFlags.xml

Example: a group named Floor#Sand#QuickSand will have the sand sound and the quicksand properties. For sketchup you must use FloorTAG_SandTAG_QuickSand because it doesn't support # character.

My multitextures look really bad!

Currently (and I can't give you a date on when this will be fixed) multitextures work very bad in SO. The best way to make them working is to use only 32x32 textures.

I made a title screen cutscene, but its crashing the game!

To make it working:

- Place epona object in the room
- Go to save file editor, and change the header of the title screen to 0000 (if it has no alternate headers) or FFF0 (to use the first cutscene header)
- Make sure you placed the title screen actor

After reading all of this post, my scene is still crashing!

Try all this stuff:

- Remove all actors and objects
- Remove all transitions
- Check the option "triplicate collision boundaries" in the option tab (I don't suggest leaving this enabled)
- Make sure the scene offset ends with a 0
- Use another scene ID

Hope this helps some lost people.
by Keilrod at 09-19-2018, 09:00 PM
I wanna you to know that this may be really basic for you but i'm kinda new in the oot modding community, i was briefly on maco64 forums back in the days, but i'm really trying to do something "cool" just now.

I think i'm getting allright with SharpOcarina and importing custom maps but Texture Explorer is pure mistery to me.

The texture lists are in "fileList.xml" in the "profiles/XXXX/" directories but even with those tools and informations i can't manage to extract and replace those damn textures (i aim the title screen as a starting point).

Where do you think i missed a step ? Simply opening the rom via Texture Explorer is not enough to gain access to the datas ? Maybe i should use the offset in "fileList.xml" in a smarter way to find desired texture ?

Thanks for reading ! ( but a bit of help would be also welcome Big Grin)

Edit : maybe i should've post it in Z64 section but because Texture Explorer is not limited to Zelda i suppose i didn't do wrong
by Nokaubure at 08-02-2018, 02:06 PM
I'm doing a series of tutorials for SharpOcarina, only 2 parts for now

Part 1: Your first custom map

by Stanleyblade at 06-29-2018, 03:18 AM
Which stage on scene navi is Adult Link's stage after beating the forest temple?

Because its not the enemy one which is stage 1. Would it be stage 2 or perhaps higher?

And also another question not related to the topic. Can you have 2 night time gold skelltulas not take up the same flag? Because a gold skeltulla that hsd variable of 3D04 conflicted with a 3D0C. Since this is Kokiri forest, would 3E04 not work? And how about bean sprout skelltula? I got 2 in the room but 1 sets the other.

And does that enemy count to a permanent flag so for example, actor 1 bronze boulder of 800C, when blown up, will Gold Sketullta 3D0C still be able to be obtainable when I reenter the room after the rock is gone
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