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Full Version: Scene Navi, is Stage 2 of Kokiri Forest Adult Links area?
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Which stage on scene navi is Adult Link's stage after beating the forest temple?

Because its not the enemy one which is stage 1. Would it be stage 2 or perhaps higher?

And also another question not related to the topic. Can you have 2 night time gold skelltulas not take up the same flag? Because a gold skeltulla that hsd variable of 3D04 conflicted with a 3D0C. Since this is Kokiri forest, would 3E04 not work? And how about bean sprout skelltula? I got 2 in the room but 1 sets the other.

And does that enemy count to a permanent flag so for example, actor 1 bronze boulder of 800C, when blown up, will Gold Sketullta 3D0C still be able to be obtainable when I reenter the room after the rock is gone
Normally scene setups work in such a way where Setups 0-1 are child day, child night, 2-3 are adult day, adult night. Kokiri Forest is unique in that 2-3 are instead adult pre-forest temple, adult post-forest temple.

The gold skulltula variable info on Cloudmodding looks like this:

v &>> 0xE000 = Type
00 [0000] Skullwalltula
04 [8000] Gold Skulltula, Always Spawns
05 [A000] Gold Skulltula, Spawns at night
v &>> 0x1F00 = Location //Used for saving Gold Skulltulas
00 [0000] None
01 [0100] Deku Tree
02 [0200] Dodongo's Cavern
03 [0300] Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
04 [0400] Forest Temple
05 [0500] Fire Temple
06 [0600] Water Temple
07 [0700] Spirit Temple
08 [0800] Shadow Temple
09 [0900] Bottom of the Well
0A [0A00] Ice Cavern
0B [0B00] ? //FIXME
0C [0C00] Lon Lon Ranch
0D [0D00] Kokiri Forest
0E [0E00] Lost Woods, Sacred Forest Meadow
0F [0F00] ? //FIXME
10 [1000] Death Mountain Trail, Goron City
11 [1100] Kakariko Village
12 [1200] Zora Fountain, River
13 [1300] Lake Hylia
14 [1400] Gerudo Valley
15 [1500] Gerudo Fortress
16 [1600] Desert Colossus, Haunted Wasteland
v &>> 0xFF = Skulltula Flag
01 [0001] 1
02 [0002] 2
04 [0004] 3
08 [0008] 4
10 [0010] 5
20 [0020] 6
40 [0040] 7
80 [0080] 8

If you look at the 0x00FF section you should be able to see your problem... unlike switch flags which increment 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., Gold Skulltula's variable sets exactly what bit or bits will be enabled when it dies. 3D0C isn't valid for a skulltula flag, because 0x0C will bind to both flags 3 (0x04) and 4 (0x08).

Boulders set scene flags, whereas Gold Skulltulas set Gold Skulltula flags. They are completely unrelated