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Full Version: [MM] Documentation Variables of Actor list
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When it was created: November/18th/2015

This topic's utility is to collect a large amount of documentation about every actor, the main goal is to find what each variable possibility do on all the actors.

You want to help?
Tell me which actor (a description or the Actor number), tell me the variable(s) that you know, I verify if they work like you told me and I will add your knowledge and then I will credit you in the Documentation Variables of Actor list.

Information about...
Switch flag:
In Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, the Switch flag is one of the most importants things in the game, how it works?
An actor can check if a Switch flag is on or off and the actor acts depending of that, in almost every actor, we can choose the Switch flag number but there is something to not forget, a Switch flag works within the whole scene, if you have an actor activating the Switch flag 00 in the Room 0 and a door in the Room 4 that is only opened when the Switch flag 00 is on it will works but the vast majority of Zelda games never does that.
Something that may be overlooked, the Switch flag acts differently if you choose its number in a precise way:
Permanent Switch flags, stay on until you turn them off = 00-3F in Majora's Mask (00-1F in Ocarina of Time)
Temporary Switch flags, stay on until you, have a game over, leave the scene, turn them off = 40-5F in Majora's Mask (20-37 in Ocarina of Time)
Local Switch flags, stay on until you, leave the room, turn them off = 60-7F in Majora's Mask (38-3F in Ocarina of Time)

Documentation Variables of Actor list:

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