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Zelda 64 Recreation
Hey guys, so I'm not dead. Yet. But I've made an effort to try to pick back up the project I've been working on, the Zelda 64 Recreation Hard4Games has covered a little back. I've been busy with college, still kinda am, but I'm better at finding time out to work a bit on the project. 

What some of you may not know is, I have a Patreon, which lets me work more often on the project, as I don't have to spend time at my actual job when I could be working on the project instead. There are a variety of tiers with different rewards, I'm very open about changing prices and that sort of thing, so shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss that or literally anything else, I'd love to chat. 

We also have a discord server, as well as a secret developer server (if you'd like to help with the project, email me about that and I'll hook you up, we'd really appreciate it).

We wouldn't have gotten this far without Hard4Games for exposure, MelonSpeedruns with helping out with a lot of stuff behind the scenes, FreeFang for providing some files from his previous recreation hack, Lurondor for his absolutely fantastic texturing job, and everyone else for support. 

I'm hoping we can finally get this project finished by the end of this year, or second quarter of next year at the latest, its time we get this finished. 

I'll be sure to give some updates here, and if anyone has questions or comments, let me know!

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