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[Image: 6Ybk0LujTIXChSv-oEalPGcQHk6JOB2ht_P6M3OC...lrH-yLlFLQ]

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official thread of ZEY, this will be the place for main updates, and later the project will be upgraded when more progress is made...

So the story...

Link has defeated Ganondorf, and returned to his time... with Navi gone, he is all alone. Without even knowing young princess Zelda that well (other than seeing her in the garden shortly before Impa rode off), when Link returned the later events never occured (sequel to OOT)...

As a result, something has happened to Zelda, but Link is unaware, already struggling with the reality of not being a real Kokiri after all that time questing, and then returning he was no longer under threat of curse without Ganondorf with the Kokiris, and neither were the Kokiris either...

In that sense, still being a child Link has to deal with the reality of growing up. Enter mid-life crisis, and constant nightmares, Link deludes himself in dreams and reality unaware of what is going on in his world anymore. That being said, Link hears a call from Zelda, who wants Link to find her and even holds a secret for Link... to share a secret where he can live in a land forever young (yes, the Peter Pan trope).

Of course, in Link's delirium, he meets an odd creature... Unicat. She's not very useful, but also not as irritating as Navi. Unsure if Unicat is even real or not, Link... well, accepts her. However, even though Navi was annoying, Link still misses her, and the companionship from Unicat is estranged but reluctantly appreciated by Link.

So then Link quests onward again in search of Zelda...



Title Screen Logo - by Errorjack and Me (Errorjack designed the main colors and text/font)
CloudMax for ASM notes (HUD and Pause Screen hacks)
Jason777 (for his Warp Portal hack)
Killgore52 and /Zel/ for custom Maps (WIP)

[[[[[[ TEXTURES ]]]]]]

 Aeroblast43o9 for a new custom bow icon design (later customized for magic arrows too)
MelonSpeedruns for some textures
FGUG2021 for item icon concepts (for magic arrows)
Medallion textures made by Shockman25

Special Thanks to:

Sakura (for some ASM knowledge)
SoulofDeity (for some information and useful tools)
xDaniel and Nova for Sharp Ocarina and tools for modeling

~** CloudMax for some notes **~
- Menu Color HUD -
- Free Equipment selection movement (with changes made after) -

Sanguinetti for some ideas
Xu_Yuan (Three_Pendants) for his ideas
HeavyZ for suggestions and ideas
Flotonic for Hylian Toolbox assistance
Petrie911’s Ocarina notes on song note composition

Cassius for Dialogue and Cameo concept (WIP)

(topic saved for recent updates & info)
I follow this project for a few years and I'm very excited to see what this project is going to give !

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