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Whats your favorite anime?
I'm really in to "Hunter x Hunter" right now but, currently I'd have to say its "My Hero Academia".
[Image: 27441?size=1600x600&region=US]
This anime is just bursting with emotion and energy and I freaking love it. One of the best I've seen in years. If you haven't seen it, go watch it; its good.

Whats your favorite anime?
My hero academia is one of those animes that has the potential to get hundred chapters but the budget doesn't allow it, still a solid option considering there will be a 3rd season. HunterxHunter is far from being the best, chimera ant arc sucks for a bunch of reasons, and its half of the anime.

I would go with JoJo Bizarre Adventure, the fights are very clever, you're not stuck with a single protragonist, every season changes, stardust crussaders was the best arc for me. This anime is fresh air after watching thousands of animes with the same cliches. There's also a lot of memes on the internet that you will only understand if you watch the anime.
Second choice would be One Piece, the huge amount of chapters makes it look like an endless adventure, it's scary to start watching it due to this reason, but once you have seen 50~ chapters you get addicted to it. Sadly the fanservice stops me to put it in first place.
My favorite anime has to be Little Witch Academia. The characters are super charming and have unique personalities and drives, which make me love the show exponentially more. The show's first season consists of self-contained episodes with plot building up a little (character development time!), whereas the second season bumps up the pace and delivers some really great episodes. My personal favorite characters are Atsuko Kagari (A Japanese "muggle" aspiring to be an amazing witch), and Diana Cavendish (A proud and talented heir to the Cavendish name). The two character's interaction with eachother invoke a deep sense of rivalry and secret respect. Their emotions and understandings of eachother change periodically throughout the show, and in the end their relationship builds up really nicely. I've seen the show at least 3 times and what keeps me watching over and over is their relationship, along with the shenanigans that the main crew get up to. There's a lot of world building, and the finale is quite the spectacle. I'd recommend trying it out!

My top few contenders for other favorites would consist of Full-Metal Alchemist, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball Super, and Overlord.
I have a lot of favorite anime, though most of them are pretty old now to the community. I really enjoyed Wolf's Rain and Inuyasha, but otherwise I don't watch much anime anymore, it's a shame really. With work and such these days, I can never find time.

Full-Metal Alchemist is a good one as well, I took my whole Christmas vacation to binge watch that series, was well worth it. However I prefer Full-Metal Alchemist Brotherhood over the other.

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