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UI - Quick Edit can lock up, preventing further page functionality
KEYWORDS: UI , Quick , Edit , Post , Highlight , Scroll , Refresh , Page
MODE: Thread
URL: Any

When Quick-Editing a post, the UI can totally lock up, requiring you to wait for one of three things to happen:
  • It remains locked, requires refresh.
  • It opens the Quick Edit window and displays 'Loading...'
  • It resolves itself.
1. Open Chrome
2. Navigate to
3. Open a thread
4. Post a comment in said thread
5. Select the Edit Button in bottom-right corner of post estate
6. Select Quick Edit
7. Observe the bar highlights, the cursor sticks and/or that scrolling or any interaction with page is inoperable
8. Refresh page/close tab

While browsing Hylian Modding in Chrome, clicking 'Quick Edit' on a post can lock up the UI, requiring a refresh of the page.

Selecting Quick Edit does not lock up the UI.

  • Screenshot attached.

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The usual issue here is conflicting scripts, but we have jQuery noConflict() which should eliminate most of those issues. Could you load up your browser's debugger and see if there's any Javascript errors when quick edit freezes? I'm thinking it may just be a browser performance issue since I can't seem to replicate it on my end.

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