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Tool Suggestion Box
Note: I wasn't really too sure where to put this. Just saying.

Anyways, I have a suggestion for a tool, if it hasn't already been made that is.

A tool that would open actors .zobj files (or the rom) and let you see them in a 3d display and also let you import and export the textures of said actor. Upon import, the actor would update and display the new texture as if it where running on the N64;(just like SharpOcatina's "Simulate N64 Graphics") allowing you to assess the actor and make appropriate judgments on how you want to edit your actor's textures. It would also be nice if we could edit the shaders as well. Not too sure how that plays out on actors tho.

So ya, if this doesn't already exist, and if anyone's looking to make a new tool; I'd suggest this one.

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