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Spectrum - A Powerful Tool for Debugging Z64 Games
I could have sworn I created a thread here, but I guess not.

Spectrum is a memory viewing tool that can hook on to virtually any emulator process (Nemu64, PJ64, Mupen, Bizhawk, Dolphin) and extract information from the emulated RDRAM. From there, Spectrum can map out the address of various data structures in memory, making it an extremely powerful tool for any hacker. 

One of it's simplest and yet most powerful feature is the ability to convert between a file's ram, vram, and vrom addresses for most files, provided that the file is loaded in ram. This makes debugging actors significantly easier.

The latest release adds the "trainer" command, which can be used to set up mupen64plus based emulators easier, and has partial support for Project64.

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