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SharpOcarina troubleshooting
I realized a lot of people have similar problems regarding the usage of SharpOcarina, I will gather all of them in this topic. The only emulator taken into account is project64.

My map doesn't load! / crashes after opening a door! / crashes after exiting a grotto hole!

If using OoT Debug ROM

Go to Tools > Clear scene dma table, and select your ROM. If you're wondering why this isn't done by default, is because it prevents the ROM from being compressed. There's no harm in having an uncompressed ROM, and most common tools will continue working even if you remove it. This is one of the advantages of using Debug ROM.
An uncompressed ROM also has faster loading times.

If using OoT 1.0 or MM ROMs

Go to Tools > Remove all ROM scenes, then Tools > Rebuild DMA table. Yes, this will remove all vanilla maps, but its the best you can do. Then go to Options > Always generate custom DMA table on inject.

You can also remove all ROM scenes from the debug ROM if you like the basic title screen.

I get a blackscreen when launching the ROM!

Go to settings in project64, and change RAM size to 8. Pj64 reverts this option back to 4 everytime the CRC is recalculated.

I get a "permanent loop" error when launching the ROM!

Recalculate the CRC, you can do it with SO,in the options tab or with any dma table option

My object file doesn't load in SO!

Can be various things, the most common is the model is not triangulated, or you used the wrong export settings in blender. Export settings for blender:

[Image: unknown.png?width=146&height=331]

Some of the textures in my scene doesn't appear correctly!

Make sure you follow the texture size standards

[Image: unknown.png]

My textures look glitched / very streched when I use render mode or I test it ingame!

This is an issue that mostly happens with Sketchup, you can use a tool for sm64 named texture fix. Note that you will no longer be able to use polytypes with the UI after using it.

Polytypes are not working!

This feature is kinda tricky to work. It checks for groups that have the same name on both the room and the collision file. Normally if you're getting this issue is because you used texture fix with a sketchup model. Your only way to fix this is by using the Tag system with the latest sharp ocarina version (0.97)

Tag system only works with the collision file. For a list of tags check XML\ModelFlags.xml

Example: a group named Floor#Sand#QuickSand will have the sand sound and the quicksand properties. For sketchup you must use FloorTAG_SandTAG_QuickSand because it doesn't support # character.

My multitextures look really bad!

Currently (and I can't give you a date on when this will be fixed) multitextures work very bad in SO. The best way to make them working is to use only 32x32 textures.

I made a title screen cutscene, but its crashing the game!

To make it working:

- Place epona object in the room
- Go to save file editor, and change the header of the title screen to 0000 (if it has no alternate headers) or FFF0 (to use the first cutscene header)
- Make sure you placed the title screen actor

After reading all of this post, my scene is still crashing!

Try all this stuff:

- Remove all actors and objects
- Remove all transitions
- Check the option "triplicate collision boundaries" in the option tab (I don't suggest leaving this enabled)
- Make sure the scene offset ends with a 0
- Use another scene ID
- Check if the cutscene table is trying to load a cutscene that doesn't exists in your map

Hope this helps some lost people.

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