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SharpOcarina Videotutorial series (sub english/español)
I'm doing a series of tutorials for SharpOcarina, 3 parts for now

Part 1: Your first custom map

Part 2: Collision types and vertex color

(the next tutorial will cover rooms and transitions)
These are nice keep it up.
I agree ! Very very usefull informations, thank you very much ! I can't wait for the part 3 about rooms and transitions, i wonder if it's possible to make "discovereable" or "bomb-able" hole like in the original game.
Great and helpful videos for newbies and veterans alike! I also like your custom OoT actors, very cool. Keep up your great work.
I followed your instructions in the first video exactly as you did it and it doesn't show up in SharpOcarina.


[ img][/img]


[ img][/img]

When I select "test" in the room list, the Group Settings controls quickly flash enabled then grey out again.  Also, there is no "Plane" or anything in the second list.  I've tried both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

I had "Objects as OBJ Objects" checked instead of "Objects as OBJ Groups" when I exported oops
This is caused by wrong export settings, recheck them again. You can use this topic

Also, join the discord so you get answers almost instantly.

Part 3: Rooms, Exits and Tag System

Part 4: switch flags, cameras, pathways, waterboxes

dude you are actually gonna get me back into the modidng community
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my name is doof and you do what i say

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