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SharpOcarina 1.23 - Tool to create custom maps
I'm having an issue with this. I have made a room in Sketchup, and as of now I'm able to import it to the game using SharpOcarina and play on it just fine. But whenever I add more stuff to the room in Sketchup and try to import it to the game, the game freezes when I select the room. So now I'm stuck at a room that's 20% complete... because if I do any more with it the game freezes.

Any help with this?
If anyone has issues with SO I suggest joining the DISCORD server and find me there, or ask anyone else in that chat group.
Where's Discord link ?
go here
1.22 is out, download 1.22 even if you already have a previous version, since I changed the autoupdater server and from now on it will only work with 1.22 or superior

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