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SharpOcarina 1.23 - Tool to create custom maps
If you don't already know, SharpOcarina is an application made by xdaniel in 2011/2012 to create custom maps for OoT. I resurrected the project by bringing 0.70-1.23 versions with big improvements.

Download version 1.0 here, patchlog is inside the zip

SharpOcarina 1.23: Here

Other useful stuff

SharpOcarina + Blender tutorials (english/español subs): Here

Troubleshoot thread: Here

If you want version 0.93 for some reason:

SharpOcarina 0.93 (+ source): Here

[Image: 2xCMqa6.png]
More images:


[Image: btn_donate_LG.gif]

The changelog of 0.97-1.0 is not here, check the readme!

Changelog 0.93

Improvements and new stuff

- Now you can use vertex color and transparency at the same time

- More types of animation are now available. Do note that SO will force the mesh to follow the rules of the selected animation no matter 
what you choose, for example if you assign an opaque texture animation to a transparent mesh, it will become opaque.

- Addded a checkbox to enable continual inject (will make SO behave like HT and injecting the room after the scene). Setting the same inject offset for scene and room does the same effect.

- Added a new setting in groups: metallic textures (a.k.a spherical textures). This setting is skipped when you use texture animations.

- Added an option to update the crc everytime you inject a scene

- Same textures used by 2 or more rooms are not written twice or more times

- CI4 / CI8  textures using the same palette no longer write the same palette more times (including between rooms)

- DList are now culled ofcamera ingame. This increases the room size a bit so I also added an option to disable it.

- Group highlight now only appears when the selected tab is "Rooms"

- Added entrance cutscene table editor. Its only purpose is to disable cutscenes from playing since cutscene editor is unfinished.

- Added a 64-bit version of the executable


- Fixed a bug were only 1 pathway was saved

- Fixed a bug were entrance table used decimal numbers instead of hex, which was not the intendeed behaviour

- Fixed a bug were unused materials were written in the room files 

- Fixed a bug were fog distance and draw distance were not saved unless you pressed enter key

- Fixed a bug were entrance table saved entries in a bad order if you sorted it, messing the whole rom table

- Fixed a bug were transition actors switch and cam fields weren't duplicated with the duplicate button

- Fixed a bug were transition actors switch and cam fields were filled with garbage values when using the add button

- Adjusted the mouse hitbox and axis so it matches the custom door model. Doors that aren't transition actors will also be displayed with the door model now.

- When the crc is updated, now it displays the succesful command line

Debug features

- Actor filling is now inside debug tab

- Added an option to render actors (very experimental, you can only render very few actors, unless you update the XML, note that variables are ignored right now)

- Added an option to create a pathway that surrounds the selected group

Changelog 0.91


- Added an option to disable waterbox movement

- Now you can save the options in a .xml, they will be loaded everytime you open SO

- Added an option to clear the dma table of a rom. Use this if you experience crashes ingame. (this also updates the crc)

Bug fixes

- Auto-add objects no longer crashes when saving scene

- Sticking actors to ground/ceiling now uses Z/X keys to prevent shortcut bugs

- Entrance table now refreshes the scene name column more often

Changelog 0.90


- Fields are now saved when losing focus. Enter key is no longer required.

- Hold shift while adding or duplicating an instance to create it in front of the camera

- Added room selection for waterboxes. Default value is 3F which enables them on all rooms

- Now its easier to tell where the instance is facing (light-green extreme = front of the instance)

- Transition actors are rendered as rectangles of the same size as ingame doors

- Use mouse wheel after moving an actor to rotate it. Waterboxes will change their size instead.

- Use up and down keys while moving an actor to stick to ceiling/ground

New stuff

- Actor database added for actors, transitions and spawns. Click on the blue button next to actor number to open it. You can type a word to filter actors. 
Note that if a variable contains the word, the entire actor will be displayed. You can also use special filters like #Transitions and #Monsters.

- Added entrance list. SO auto-generates it based on where you place the spawnpoints. The entrance number is the same as the order of the spawns, so the spawn 2 will be the entrance 2.

- Added support to vertex colors. You must replace the of your blender 2.7x with the one in the blenderscripts folder.

- Added an entrance table editor. This editor is independent so you can change the entrance table without injecting anything in the rom.

Bugfixes & tweaks

- Greatly improved the lighting of the imported maps by fixing a bug related to normals

- Fixed a crash that involved moving an instance outside room boundaries

- Fixed bug where maps made with blender couldn't have vertex groups

- Fixed a bug where you could not save polytype assigned to the first group in the first room

- Fixed a crash when attempting to delete the last polytype of the scene

- Fixed a crash when typing on room offset when there's no rooms

- [Temporal fix] animated opaque textures will be injected as transparent to avoid crashing

- Reduced byte padding (less kb per scene)

- When importing .obj, groups with 0 triangles are ignored

Changelog 0.8x


Changelog 0.7x


Have fun!
Added version 0.93, you can read the changelog on the main post, hf!
Neat! I left the hacking community a few years ago. At that time, xdaniel stopped developpement on the original SharpOcarina. I have been checking the internet regularly but had the impression the Z64 hacking scene was kind of dead. A few days ago, I discovered that you resumed development on this tool. It's great to have some people with programing knowledge who are still motivated to work on this kind of stuff.

Also, it's a neat addition you made it possible to add the unused light effects! An eternity ago, they were discovered by ChrisTiian over on the GCN, and they were documented by him and myself. Just out of curiosity, though, what kind of in-game bugs did you find? Also, it's funny that they don't unload when you change the room. We didn't notice that back then (I remember I was testing them in Kakariko, I don't know which scene ChrisTiian used to test them though).

Anyway, great work! I'll make sure to test the collision editor, I remember it was somewhat bugged in xdaniel's version when importing sketchup groups.
(03-21-2018, 07:19 AM)Rinku Wrote: Anyway, great work! I'll make sure to test the collision editor, I remember it was somewhat bugged in xdaniel's version when importing sketchup groups.

Actually what's bugged is sketchup obj exporter not SO, you will still experiencie the same bugs. Next version will have a way to set collision flags directly inside sketchup / any 3d modeling program as well as having all rooms on the same obj file, but I can't give you a release date atm. Blender 3dsmax and maya doesn't have the sketchup issue if you also want to try them.
Thanks for your reply! Well, it works now, so it's probably because I'm using a different Sketchup version.

One thing I would like to request for the next version is an option to turn off that automatic object adder (it is a great function though). In my free time, I'm doing some research on lighting and collision and stuff, but while testing I also found some inaccuracies (again) about which actors need which objects. When I was active years ago I used to correct these small things on the wiki, but because I'm so busy now I will add all of my stuff together as soon as I've found enough interesting new things and cleaned up all of that new information. So, it would be useful to be able to turn off this object-adding function when I test actor-object dependencies as it is quite annoying and more time-consuming to adjust these things via a hex editor.
(04-05-2018, 07:17 AM)Rinku Wrote: ...

Go to the options menu and disable "add objects on save". This option comes enabled by default because otherwise you have to look at the wiki to add objects (the actor database feature will not add the objects, just the actors) and makes you lose time.
Oh, my bad, I completely missed that option in the options menu. Sorry for that!
querido amigo gracias por seguir mejorando esta herramienta que yo estoy intentando aprender a usar pero no entiendo me podrias ayudar??
not if you can't explain more on what you're trying to accomplish. also, being able to speak english helps as well.
thanks for answering the comment mzxrules .
I wanted to know if with sharpocarina I can create a game of zelda like the ocarina of time

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