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Sairugoth's random crap
So this is basically just me posting download-able LoZ related stuff I've done\made over the years and possibly years to come. Please feel free to use anything here you would like to use in your mod, or any other projects you may want to use it for.

Desktop background

Pic ->
So sometime ago I got board and a made a "Zelda Hacking" background. I took some C# code from one of xdaniel's programs. And took a weird pic from a program he made called "SorataVSE". Normally it would display OoT maps and let you edit some stuff, but if your running a hp computer (act-least I think it was a hp computer) you can possibly run in to a few display problems. And that's how I ran in to this cool sorta glitch pic.
Pic ->

MM Texture Rip

Download ->
So back in September 2017 "Hurricane Harvey" was heading straight for my town. So we left the area for about a month and there was no internet, no job to keep my mind busy, just my laptop. (we left kinda last minute, didn't grab too many things) So I started extracting textures from MM using pj64. it was kinda fun, I was playing the game as I was going so it gave me something to do in that time of just waiting. Its not a complete rip tho; only about 2/3'rd's of it was ripped.

Test map

Pic ->
Download ->
Made this back when I was still working on my old project. I mostly used it to test Link's abilitys

*I'll be sure to add more things later on*
Thanks for the texture rips and all that :>
Do you have any works you've done recently?
Nothing as of yet. (as far as works I would release) Right now I'm mostly focused on a new mod I'm working on.

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