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SO and Eyeswitch trigger object/actor not working? Spawning chests
So I made a custom dungeon map a while back and got that working pretty well. I wanted to try some switch triggers to spawn a large chest. I wanted to see if I can use a eye switch to spawn a chest when I hit it with an arrow or with the sling shot. The problem is when I try to add the object number it gives me an error saying something about 0's error etc wont work with sharp ocarina deleting the object/actor don't use this, etc. Any reason why this wont work at all? Would I have to try another method? 

I did managed to get a chest to spawn with spawning a Stalfos though. But I don't know why I cant use a eye switch to get a chest to spawn. I followed instructions on Cloud Modding's website and it wouldn't let me spawn the chest. But when I added torches it tried to spawn a chest a second time after I killed the stalfos. So I don't know what I did to mess it up. I originally wanted to see if I can open the chest and get a Fire arrow or a Light arrow from it. Though I'm pretty sure the light arrow is out of the question due from it being from a cutscene correct? Thanks if anyone helps me solve this. :Smile I'm just experimenting with flag triggers is all.
Hi, I really really suggest you to use discord, replies are almost instantly there.

The issue you have here is using object 0003 as a normal object. This object is meant to be set in general tab. 0002 and 0003 are special objects and can't coexists with each other.

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