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Rules and Regulations
Welcome to the Hylian Modding community! 

We're trying to keep everything properly situated and structured around here, and we'll need your help to make this community flourish. The rules presented will illustrate the proper etiquette a member of the community should practice. 

Site & Forum Rules

1. Respect Others

A community shines when all of its members work together and see one another as equals. It's dangerous to go alone, so always stick together. 

2. Spam and Flaming

Don't ever clog up a forum or thread with unnecessary posts! Keeping the site a clean and easy to use experience is a priority, so don't go around ruining it for others!

3. Everything is SFW

There should never be a reason that something inappropriate should be on display. Gore, nudity/pornography, hate speech, illegal material, and other content of similar nature is definitely not allowed. Swearing isn't heavily moderated, but try to keep it in good taste (basically, be friendly!).

4. On-Topic

Keep the discussion centered on the topic at hand; steering away will result in clutter and many unnecessary posts, making valuable information hard to find.

5. Staff Has Final Say

You might not like it, we get you might not like it, and others may not like it either-- but rules are rules. If the staff have made an administrative action in accordance with the rules, there's not much room for argument. However, if the action was made based on judgement alone without rules to support it, community consensus may be enough to override the decision. Keep in mind this is decided on a case-by-case basis, so don't expect the same treatment as someone else.

6. Reporting Posts

While we encourage users to use the report function when needed, reports should not be filed because you dislike a user or their opinion. Unless a post breaks the rules, it stays. 

7. No ROMS!

If you post them, you're getting banned (not really, but we will remove your post).
First time offenders will receive a warning, and repeated offenses will have more severe consequences.

Make sure to keep all these rules in mind when posting.

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