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[Release][OoT] Birds-Eye Temple
This mini mod is simply something I've had untouched for about half a year. Essentially it's a proof of concept dungeon using the birds-eye-view camera. It's short, but it's a decently put together concept demo made within a few days. 

Setting it up

Go to CloudMax' Rom Patcher and drag your clean OoT Debug ROM and the supplied .txt patch. The website will patch the ROM and will have you automatically download the updated ROM. Simply run the ROM in an emulator of your choice (make sure you set RAM to 8mb!). 

Playing it

Select File 1 and go to Spot 117. Enjoy!



Attached Files
.txt   ZELOOTMA_Patch_20171210215433.txt (Size: 596.72 KB / Downloads: 96)
This is amazing. I have for years yearned to see a Zelda II style dungeon with the fixed profile view, and while games like Banjo-Kazooie did Bird's Eye in places like King Sandybutt's Tomb in Gobi's Valley wherein to navigate a maze you needed such a perspective, though I just don't think I've ever imagined OoT as such, and if so, I never gave it enough thought to cement the idea in memory. I love that Rareware realized this in Banjo-Kazooie, in 1997-98, while Konami failed with Bomberman: Act Zero in 2006 by making a first-person maze experience. Point being: certain 3D experiences within games need to be approached from the perspective of most enjoyable. If you intentionally or ignorantly force players into discomfort, yes, that can be an artistic statement, but irritating players will stain their memory... perhaps it could take on new meaning in time, but generally speaking - people want to enjoy themselves. If they are going to spend time with your game, they want it to be worthwhile. We're in the business of forming memories by evolving an existing modern mythology.

So, kudos to tilting OoT to play like a classic top-down Zelda. Most importantly, it's not just bird's eye. It's angled like all prior Zeldas. No top-down Zelda posits the camera directly atop Link, it's always tilted to show the angle of things so the player can see the features necessary to imagine those they cannot see because of the fixed angle. By forcing a perspective like this, you change the way people see environments within the context, fidelity, and controls of a game that we've loved since 1998.

Rock on.

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