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Questions about Majora Mask hacking
1. When setting RAM address 16822B to CD, models flicker between various methods of broken lighting, animation, and bone structure. Is it possible to get a speicfic model to freeze on a specific "method," for example if I wanted the Mayor to stick like this as he walks into a room.[Image: 1553125892437.png]

2. Is there a working LUA script for Bizhawk 2.0.0 that lists both what addresses need to be changed to replace an actor in RAM, like the various "Replace Dog with X,"  and what the addresses are for the actor(X) your are replacing the actor(Y) with?
3. Is it possible to force a room to load a different level's texture set? Like loading Clock Town's textures in the Gibdo "Earthbound did it so we can do it too" Dungeon.
4. Does newdec properly decompress Majora's Mask? I've had issues with it loading in Utility of Time (some objects don't load, the levels only half-load, etc)

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