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Project Mystic
Fair enough. Will definitely make sure I keep up on the news with this though. It looks awesome.

I continue to love the way you create you atmosphere in this, as I really think it's one of the core things that differentiates the n64 zeldas from almost any other games.  I think the new Link model looks great as well, especially the way the clothes drape/flow from the waist down.  Awesome stuff and thanks for the updates
Thanks a bunch! Atmosphere is something I find very important in any zelda map. A great atmosphere can really take you in and let one get lost in its realm. I am a big fan of the LInk Model myself, It feels new and famaliar to me.
Hello, I am following your project and I must admit that you are doing very well and I hope you continue with motivation and achieve a great game, congratulations and good luck
So amazing. I cannot wait for this! You seem to like Bloodborne btw, it looks like your game is based on Bloodborne a bit.

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