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Project Mystic
Hello everyone, I would like to formally present Project Mystic.  What it is essentially is an OoT mod with the goal of creating a new overworld, new story, new dungeons and new models to OoT that will work on the N64.  Think of OoT with a fresh coat of paint.  As an effort to maintain the experience of surprise, I will only be showing select screenshots of the overworld.   Thank you all for reading and I hope to see love for Project Mystic.

[Image: D0ll7Ub.png]

[Image: evohz53.png]

[Image: I3qFO2p.png]
Having seen a lot of your work before, I had forgotten about that top image; a curious bastion in an icy rift, blocking passage. The decor draws you in, but also tickles the nerves, indicating something might be amiss. Is this intended to be the entrance of a dungeon?
This is looking really interesting so far. I like the feel of the maps, it's very... mysterious. Mystic? I guess that means the project is aptly titled  Big Grin

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future-- maybe some in-game screenshots sometime?
To Spire: yes, it is a dungeon.
To CDI-Fails: Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I have not picked the name for my project until recently, the title should offer a context to whatever it is the title of. As for in-game screenshots, eventually. I want to make sure everything in game is accurately represented.
All three of those images are just oozing with style

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