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Project Criteria
So you want to reveal your beautiful work of art to the world. You make a thread and post a chunky block of text, standing proud as... one (1) person reads it and... wait, where did they go? Did you do something wrong? Why aren't they interested? Is your project not good enough for the world?

Nope. Ya' did it wrong, dude.

All presented projects need a hook, line, and sinker. You gotta make everything appealing-- breathe life into your world! Here are some surefire ways to maximize your project's appeal (and these are the rules, stick to em').

1. Description Is Key

Describe what your mod is. People don't want a random screenshot or an attached file-- this isn't some grab-bag presentation. Describe its key characteristics, what it changes, what to expect, etc.

2. Screenshots

The best way to show off your accomplishments is to.. well.. show them!? Who'd've guessed?
Neatly organize and present your content, giving a clear representation of what you've done.

3. Accountability

If you have grandiose ideas and potentially one of the best mods ever planned out in your mind, boy, you must be good. Real good. 

Essentially, have some proof of experience-- don't ride your ambitions blindly without sticking to reality. Modding can be hard, so don't overwhelm yourself. If you haven't done any previous modding, be sure to try small things first and work your way up. Staff have full authority to remove project posts that are blatantly unaccomplishable. If you have complaints, make more progress and remake your thread (or fight to the death with a mod, your choice).

4. Credits

Don't take credit for other people's work, and make sure to list all team members (if there are any) so everyone gets the recognition they deserve. It's not necessary that you list the tools that you used, but it'd be appreciated. 

That's about it! Get to making your mods and show us what you got!

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