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OoT but is has a Cave of Ordeals, or Savage Labyrinth Area
(I accidentally deleted the old thread while trying to edit it :c  So here is a new thread.)

I am making a small mod for OoT that basically adds a Cave of Ordeals, or Savage Labyrinth area to the game.

The tl;dr is, this will be a 25 room enemy gauntlet. There will be five sets of rooms, with five unique themes. This is in no way a groundbreaking mod, but I hope some people will like it. Smile

Here are some WIP screens:
[Image: better.png]

[Image: fiyah.png]

[Image: wew.png]

I have more stuff on my youtube, but there is also some shitposty stuff. This should be finished by the summer-ish. Thanks for checking this out. Big Grin

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