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OoT Puzzling 1.1.2 (FINISHED)
Traverse through six trials full of different puzzles.

Download the Rom Hack here:

Use Floating IPS to patch the rom over the 1.0 version of OoT:
If the rom extension says ".v64" or ".n64", you have to byteswap your rom to ".z64" (Big Endian). Use this tool to do so:

Watch the trailer here:

This Rom Hack is compatible with OoT Online.

This Rom Hack is made by DezZival. If you find any bugs or typos, please tell me.

Tools used:
-Blender 2.79
-Sharp Ocarina
-Zelda's Letter
-Flips IPS

Major thanks to Nokaubure, Psi-Hate, and Aroenai for the help they gave me in some areas.
Thank you to everyone else that has helped me with this Rom Hack.
(The Rom Hack is finished, although I can't put it in the Finished part of the forum.)

Here are some screenshots:

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