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[OoT] Play as Ganondorf (release)
This is a project I started almost three years ago. During most of that period, I intended for the mod to be much more than a simple model swap; a full mini-mod with new dungeons and story, exploring Ganondorf's backstory before OoT. Now being a member of teams working on far more promising and interesting projects however, I've realized that all time I spend modding should be dedicated to those projects and teams. As such, enjoy this "Play as Ganondorf" mod in all its unpolishedness:

Download the patch below, and apply it to a clean version of the MQ debug ROM using Cloudmax' ROM patcher.

Known issues:
The "trident" display list causes some graphical errors on console.
No animating facial textures.
No updated voice sound effects.
Most items still load their respective models found in Link's original file, but with corrupted textures.

Feel free to use this mod patch for anything you'd like. Expand upon it, feature it in your full-scale mod or do whatever else you might want with it. Credit is appreciated, but I don't demand it.

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.rar   Play as Ganondorf 0.5_Patch.rar (Size: 371.88 KB / Downloads: 197)

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