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OoT Debug Rom modding Tool Suggestion
Hi everyone. I have a tool suggestion for us newbie and experienced modders that'll put less stress on us creating mods. This involves ASM hacking as well. I was wondering if its possible to make a user friendly program that will allow users in the modding business that want to create a project for their mod. To be able to let us test certain stuff in game so we can patch the thing in game its self. Like for example. What if you want to generate some fog in the game using a scene file that supports fog, Its been awhile since I modded or done any Zelda hacking stuff so I'm really sorry if I don't know what I'm talking about. And we can make experiment with certain stuff. Like for example. Make a bow for young link to wield. Or be able to change the fire arrows to a different color from red to blue. Or summon a storm any time we want or vice verse. Sorry if I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. But I was just curious if this kind of thing is possible. Creating a user friendly tool that will allow you to do all these cool things. I've seen a bunch of stuff done with ASM hacking on YouTube so I was pretty amazed on what people can do. So I was wondering if its possible to make a program for people to have options to do what ever they want in the game and inject it into binary or the debug rom, etc Kinda like the actor hacking programs. That would make life so much easier if we can do something like this. But it's just a pipe dream. But I was wondering if its possible to make a program like this. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. If you think it doesn't belong here please move it to the right forum! Thank you! It's just a suggestion so sorry if I offended any asm modders.

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