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[OoT DBG] Title Screen Edition
(post from Zelda64; credit to ChrisTiian)

Releasing this, made in 2014, Title Screen edition offsets (almost complete):

ScreenFade Effect:
0x00E5A02F 0x03 ; ScreenFade ID

Sound Effect "Start" Button, (Note: see Audio Debugger for more SFX ID info):
0x00E59E9A 0x48 ; SFX ID
0x00E59E9B 0x23
0x00E59FFA 0x48 ; SFX ID 2
0x00E59FFB 0x23

Flamming Effect:
0x00E5B176 0x80 -> 0x00 ; Disable the Effect.
0x00E5B343 0x38 ; Position x.
0x00E5B27F 0xFF ; Color Green.
0x00E5B28F 0xFB ; Color Blue.

Main Logo:
0x00E5B42F 0x98 ; Position x.
0x00E5B433 0x64 ; Position y.
0x00E5B443 0xFF ; Alpha.

Master Quest + Ocarina:
0x00E5B787 0xAE ; Position x.
0x00E5B78B 0x91 ; Position y.
0x00E5B79B 0xFF ; Alpha.

"The Legend Of" + "Ocarina of Time":
0x00E5B58B 0xFF ; Alpha Shadow.
0x00E5B6B3 0xFF ; Alpha Normal.
0x00E5B68E 0x14 ; Normal Color Brightness.
0x00E5B66A 0x64 ; Normal Color Red.
0x00E5B66B 0x96 ; Normal Color Green.
0x00E5B66E 0xFF ; Normal Color Blue.

"The Legend Of":
0x00E5B5C7 0x92 ; x Shadow Position.
0x00E5B59B 0x49 ; y Shadow Position.
0x00E5B687 0x91 ; x Normal Position.
0x00E5B69B 0x48 ; y Normal Position.

"Ocarina of Time":
0x00E5B607 0x90 ; x Shadow Position.
0x00E5B60B 0x7F ; y Shadow Position.
0x00E5B6FF 0x8F ; x Normal Position.
0x00E5B703 0x7E ; y Normal Position.

Press Start:
0x00E59B8F 0x3F ; Scale.
0x00E59BAF 0x77 ; x Position.
0x00E5B093 0xFF ; y Position.
0x00E59B9F 0xFF ; Red colour.
0x00E59BAB 0x1E ; Green & Blue colour.

Nintendo ©:
0x00E5B963 0x13 ; Position x.
0x00E5B84B 0xFF ; Alpha.

Last Text Message:
0x00E5BF40 0x17180C18171D1B1815150E1B ; NOCONTROLLER
0x00E5BF4C 0x191B0E1C1C1C1D0A1B1D ; PRESS START
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