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[OoT DBG] Expand & Optimize Your ROM
(post from Zelda64; credit to ChrisTiian)

Writing this, if you want to make your Debug ROM more faster and extended, you can add some of this hacks to your project, remember that some codes need a CRC Fix:

Removing printf Debug Function: (Require CRC Fix)
0x00002CF0 -> 03E0000800000000

Remove The Exception Handler On osStartThread: (Require CRC Fix)
0x00005250 -> 00000000
0x00005278 -> 00000000

Faster Subscreen Delay:
0x00B36B6B -> 03
0x00B3647B -> 00
0x00B36483 -> CA

Faster Loading Area:
0x00B74FE0 -> 00000000
0x00B75094 -> 00000000
0x00ACEE2C -> 00000000

Faster Boot Loading (For RAM) And RAM Expansion: (Require CRC Fix)
0x00005DF8 -> 3C010080AFA1000800000000

RAM Expansion Hack: (This can broke some GS Codes)
0x00B415B0 -> 3C188074
0x00B33C5C -> 3C05004D

More RAM Space For Loaded Objects: (More Space For Scenes/Maps, Allow More Polygons):
0x00B0EF9C -> 3C110020
0x00B0EFBC -> 3C110020
0x00B0EFE4 -> 3C110020
0x00B0F00C -> 3C110020
0x00B0F010 -> 3C110020

Airikitascave: All RAM codes.
▲ChriisTiian▲: Converting all RAM codes to ROM and writing this.
[Image: ESjfCTR.png]
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