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OcarinaAutoInjector is a multi-purpose injector made by MelonSpeedruns that allows you to easily write many different files into your ROM, including scenes, rooms, objects, textures, and patches. 


You need a ROM named "ZELOOTMA.z64" placed in the /ROM folder
The resulting ROM after injection will be in the root directory named "ZELOOTMA-MODDED.z64"


The scenes and room files must follow the criteria that they are to be named after the scene number they are to be injected to. 
For example: "85 (Scene).zscene" & "85 (Room 0).zmap" would inject to Kokiri Forest.

1) Put your scene & room into /Files/Scenes



Patches come in the form of the file extension "zpatch".
A zpatch is made using an empty file named "x.zpatch" (x being the offset you'd like to write at) and writing the bytes you want to pastewrite to the rom.

1) In a hex editor, make a blank file 
2) Write the bytes that are to be written (example: FF FF 00)
3) Name it <offset>.zpatch (example: B9D1A8.zpatch)


1) Place your edited .zobj into the /Files/Objects folder
2) That's it. 


You can find the offsets of the textures that you want to replace in Texture Explorer

1) Name the texture <offset>_<imageType>_<palette_offset>.png (example: 01A32000_ia8.png)


1) Make sure everything is in the proper folder and is named properly.
2) Open "OcarinaAutoInjector.exe" and press enter to automatically inject everything to the proper place in the rom.


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