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OOT Mapping
Hey there,

Just wanted to ask, are there still people into mapping (as in, actively creating 3D maps/dungeons and importing them into the game)?
I used to make some maps back then when I was into Z64 hacking a few years ago. They weren't meant for a game though, I used them to test and document things to contribute to the wiki.

Now, I would like to try out that neat new SharpOcarina version. The thing is, I can't manage to import my map. Back then I was using the old SharpOcarina by xdaniel, and probably an old version of Sketchup, too, and some .obj exporter plugin.

Now, I have Sketchup 2015 and I tried a few free .obj plugins, but everytime I import it into SharpOcarina, nothing happens (checked for collision, too, but nothing's there, and when I add rooms with textures nothing happens either, the only visible thing is Link's spawnpoint).
I also tried to export .dae from Sketchup and import and convert it to .obj with blender (I can't use blender except for that conversion thing), which works wonder for Banjo-Kazooie hacking but here it's without results.
I don't want to buy Sketchup Pro to get that official .obj exporter, either.

Recently, I've seen some guy named JeddyDee on Youtube who seems to be quite active in mapping. So, I wanted to ask, if there's anyone around who's still into creating maps:

Which 3D modeling tool are you using?
If you are using Sketchup, which version are you using?
And do you recommend (and maybe mind to share) any good free .obj plugin that produces nice results compatible with the new SharpOcarina?

Thank you so much!
There are still a good amount of map creators, myself included. Most now aren't very public with showing their work but we they will help you out with getting it to work in game. I can hook you up with a version of sketchup that can export obj when I get back to my computer which won't be till a few days. You can also reach me on the discord.

In the description of this youtube video, it will have a link to a sketchup version with a reliable obj exporter.

Regarding your issues with maps not showing up in SO. I can think of a number of reasons, try using that Sketchup version in the link of that video. (I use it so I promise it isn't going to ruin your cpu)

I have a few videos of my old and outdated maps on youtube. Ill link one:
Thank you so much! It's nice to hear that there are still people like you working on maps out there. I'm also very thankful for your kind help.

It seems to be working fine. I'm testing it right now. It shows up in SO and everything works fine. Now, if I import it into the game and try to enter the scene, it freezes (I tested it without import and the ROM worked fine). I suspected the dma table as I always do, so I tried that new option of SharpOcarina. It opens up a console with the warning:
CmdLine Error: Only one file(name) or Path is allowed


And when I close the console, it tells me that it was successful. But then, when I load the game, PJ64 tells me that the ROM is stuck in a permanent loop. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

I'm trying to import a very basic room. It's basically just a square with two collision types on the floor (lava and not lava), and Link, without any other actors or rooms. Don't want to overload SharpOcarina of the game for my first test since ages.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: Seems to be some issue with SharpOcarina. Manually applied JSA's dma table patch and it works now.
Also, sorry for the double post, but I think this fits in this thread:

Does anyone still have all that measurement info for mappers? Like the size of doors and blocks in units so everything fits neatly when you import your map without needing to rescale everything... it used to be on the GCN, but it seems like many old posts have been whipped out.

Is this the one?

I bookmarked this awhile ago in case I or anyone else needed it. The important stuff is there, but the content like images and links are broken. 

I'll also attach an image I made of the web page before the images broke if you need it.

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Great, thank you so much!

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