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[MM] Wearable Majora's Mask (release)
This is a small mod I developed for an April's fools video a few years ago. I never came around to releasing it earlier because it was so simple, but I guess it could be cool to play around with for some of you. It replaces the Don Gero's Mask (the ugliest mask in the game), and still has the same functionality as that mask.

[Image: kQ3LrNf.png]

Download the patch below, and apply it to a clean copy of the US version Majora's Mask ROM (still compressed; the ROM's filesize should be 32mb in other words) using Cloudmax' ROM patcher.

Thanks to MelonSpeedRuns for creating the icon and menu textures used in the mod!

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.rar   Zelda_MM_-_Wearable_Majoras_Mask_Patch.rar (Size: 341.34 KB / Downloads: 197)

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