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Free Custom Actor Package (work in progress)
Since super mario world and super mario 64 modding communities does it, why not ocarina of time? my aim is to provide useful actors that can work in almost all romhacks that can do something that no other vanilla actor does

To get those actors inside the game, you can use Custom Actor Toolkit

While the project is not done yet, you can start using some of them, there's 3 so far

On/Off Gate
Check the video description for download link and information

Switch Flag <-> Global Flag converter

Download: here

Actor ID: ???? (whatever empty ID you want)
Object: Nothing
Variable XXYY
XX switch flag
YY  global flag

This actor stays invisible and sets global flag to 1 if you trigger the switch flag, or sets switch flag to 1 if the global flag is set


- You can carry flags between scenes
- You can convert flags 20-37 into permanent flags at the cost of 1 global flag per switch flag
- You can make a cutscene trigger a switch flag

Cutscene Trigger

Download: Here

Actor ID: ???? (whatever empty ID you want)
Object: Nothing

Variable XXYY
XX - switch flag (FF = null)
YY - global flag (mandatory, 18 = always plays?)

RotationX  00XX
XX - first byte of cutscene offset

RotationY XXYY
XX - second byte of cutscene offset
YY - third byte of cutscene offset

RotationZ 00XX
XX - Delay to start cutscene in seconds

This actor stays invisible and triggers a cutscene once you enter a room, or you triggered a switch flag with other actors.


- Play a cutscene after killing all enemies in a room by pairing it with a timer actor
- Play a cutscene when reaching certain position by placing an invisible collectible
- Play a cutscene when solving a puzzle

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