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Custom Actor Toolkit 0.42: Tool to decompile and compile actors
Custom actors have been pretty obscure and inaccesible from long ago, but thanks to Atom released by mzxrules and the old nOvl made by ZTT32 I managed to create this tool.

Download: Here

The tool can:

- Decompile any actor in the rom to .S format, custom or vanilla, with detailed comments of documented functions. The decompiled actor can be compiled again without any modification.
- Compile and inject actors given a source file (.C .S), with detailed gcc and novl output in the console
- Extract and inject any zobj files
- Supports Link (treated as actor 0)

Works with the following ROMS: OoT debug rom, OoT 1.0, MM 1.0 U, MM 1.0 J

Note: For now, "Find empty space" only checks for a chunk of 0s where your actor / zobj can fit, use it only if you're lazzy or if you want to put all the actors and zobjs past offset 3000000

[Image: 040OWb9.png]

If you feel generous, feel free to donate, it serves as motivation for me to progress this tool and SharpOcarina

[Image: btn_donate_LG.gif]

Wait dude, but I don't know how to code in MIPS Assembly!

Don't worry, you can still use the tool to inject actors made by other people in your ROM! Check this thread

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