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Can we get a board for "Other Projects"?

So this place seems like a great place to get the Zelda Modding community back on track, but I think it'd be a good idea to make this place about both Zelda Modding, and the community.

I've been taking peeks at the Zelda Hacking Community since ZSO, and I'd like to know what the big players are doing these days. I'd also like to know if any members of Hylian Modding are doing anything cool outside Zelda.

I have projects I'd like to post about myself, like ZeroInput -

I think having a "Other Projects" board would make these forums more interesting for people with development/modding knowhow so they stick around longer, and can be around to help people having trouble with modding, and/or other things.

I would like to hear what y'all's thoughts on the subject are as well.

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