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Beta Shadow Beasts In-Game Twilight Princess.
Hey everyone, been awhile since I registered to a Zelda Modding page. I worked on something about 9 months ago. Decided I would share it here. Yes there is bugs with the model. I had to do very weird things to even get them to load "properly". I have other plans with my method on getting these models to load. Thanks guys.

This is pretty interesting, but it would be nice to have access to the information at hand, or at least know what you did to bring the models into the original game. Taking a good look at these things, they're actually terrifying, and I thought the original Twilight Shadow Beasts look scary. Then again, a lot of the things in Twilight Princess scare me, more than it should. Like the ReDead's for example haha.

If you have any further information on these it would be nice, I read the description of the video and I know you stated you don't want to give out information on how to put them into the game, but just a thought you know?

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