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[3Q] Project: Third Quest
I now have this mod in my head for several months. Back then, I saw a video about it and I'm impressed how good it looks. Do you need help with music? I compose music from time to time and upload it on my channel or on Soundcloud. The music I make is also turned into midi files so it could be useful for people who make romhacks. I have some demos of my melodies with a Zelda soundfont, if you like me to send them to you, feel free to send a message! I'd love to support a mod like that!
Hi! Smile I am a huge fan of Project 3rd Quest. It is a really well done mod. I am wondering is this mod still being worked on? Any knew's when the next patch is going to be released? Would really want to check it out. ^_^ I'm bored so I've been trying to find some stuff to play. Thanks. Smile Keep up the good work. Looking forward to it. ^^
Hello, I am a Mexican and I want to tell you that your work is great and I look forward to an update of whatever, great work and encouragement
Guys I'm looking foward into this project, because everything about it is simply amazing. I'm a game developer myself and while my game is not a nintendo rom mod, but I guess we all can agree that making a game is a hard process and needs skill, time and commitment, a lot of commitment.

I just want You guys to know that I love the work that You have done, I can't express my appreciation enough but I will say this, don't let nintendont to scare You! Keep up the amazing work, I hope with all my hearth that this project will get finished before I die, and if not at least you tried and did an absolutely amazing job.
Does anyone know if the current released version of 3rd Quest has a Nintendo 64 cartridge for it? If so can you point me in the right direction to find one or can someone make me one? I'd be happy to pay for it Smile

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