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[3Q] Project: Third Quest
[Image: 3rd-quest-logo-dec-2017.png]

June 2013. Three people came together after some formative discussions to begin a Zelda 64 Modding Project. CDi-Fails, CrookedPoe, and Spire launched a daring effort to create a full-conversion mod of Ocarina of Time with the initial goal of creating an entirely new world. How hard could it be?


Four years pass and the Third Quest team has solidified after many molten lineups. We honor those who contributed in the past and are no longer with the team, so to whatever you may have contributed - if you are reading this, thank you. Otherwise, the team is seven-strong and we are:

CDi-Fails, CloudMax, CrookedPoe, Evan20k, Ideka, Jhreamer, Spire

To address Third Quest, what it was, is, and what it can become: We are scientists and artists collaborating in an effort to change the experience of a game we love so that in time, we may provide you with something you've never quite known, and furthermore—something you never knew you wanted. Third Quest is an experimental effort to break the bones and unravel the nerves, to tear the muscles and to extract the organs of Ocarina of Time, carefully keeping it on life support while meticulously reshaping the legendary beast into something we hope Nintendo would be proud of.

Over the past 4.5 years, we have built an entirely new world for the essence of Zelda 64 to seep into. Thousands of hours have been poured into this project between discussion, research, and development, and we still have a long way to go. Making a AAA-budget game ca. 1995-98 standards with a team of seven people can prove challenging, and as such, we have learned many lessons from working on Third Quest. It is essential not to become too obsessed with any one aspect of the game world—or the game world as a whole. It is easy to get lost in the micro and macro and as such, a piece of wisdom we have gleaned from our time with 3Q is that maintaining a balanced sway between those things small and grand is essential to discovering and learning about the world you are developing.

Remember one thing: Zelda is about Exploration, Puzzles, and Combat. This is the crux of the series. Every opportunity you can imagine to subtly and naturally guide the player will pique their adventurist imagination and keep their attention. You must maintain an air of interest and curiosity so your players do not grow bored with the experience you convey. A good rule of thumb is: if you design an environment that is compelling to just stand in, to listen to the music and sound effects that generate an atmosphere of magic and to watch the dawning and dusking sun over the horizon, then you're on the right path.

Third Quest has had a quiet history of public display, having released a demo on Halloween 2015 following a moderate social run with teaser trailers leading up to launch and since then, an eager following. Though we rarely post anything, even updates, the project is very much alive and always has been. Like anything, it has slowed at times with various members requiring reprieves to focus on other endeavors, but its heart beats as it always has. Another lesson we have learned is that preemptive showcasing can satisfy the creator(s) enough that their motivation to further develop wanes. In the words of David Bowie from the song 'No Control' on his 1995 album Outside, "Don't tell God your plans," meaning, don't tell anyone your plans. Even the trees are listening. It's okay to discuss certain things you are exploring within your project, especially if you're trying to build a team or gain critique from a respected other, but outlining an end-goal and over-sharing with people will most likely diminish your drive and thus, it is imperative to keep most things to yourself. Secrecy is okay if what you're hiding will ultimately benefit humanity. If you are passionate about something, you know you are excited at the idea of sharing your finished work with people. If you share your plans before finishing your work, odds are your audience will support you with some degree of enthusiasm and that can be enough to satisfy the creative hunger. Preemptive over-sharing is a major project-killer. Tend to your garden with quiet love and care. The fireworks can wait for release!

As of now, we have nothing new to show for Third Quest, but we will update this thread accordingly when the time comes... So, any discussion surrounding the project as you know it and as you don't is totally welcome. There is much to say about our time with Third Quest, as we have individually and collectively learned a lot. Between the members of this team, we have accrued a lot of knowledge and insight into the inner-workings of Ocarina of Time, Nintendo as a creative entity, and ourselves as creators. As such, it's time we open discussion a bit and step from the shadows to talk with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
I'm loving the Final Fantasy style of color over the 3Q logo. 3Q has my sincerest love and support!
Seems like you like to use gradients in your logos now haha, great work on the project btw
Project 3Q has always interested me in ways that I have never imagined a ROM Hack to be, and as such, I'm always going to follow Project 3Q for anything new that may come in the future. Once the ROM hack has been completed, I'm going to be playing it through to the very end. I'm sure it will be something that will blow everyone away by just how extraordinary many of it's features would be.

I'm really looking forward to seeing anything that may arise in the future, I wish the Project 3Q team with the best of luck~
Hi. I tried downloading the demo, and patching it to my OoT ROM (.n64) and I'm getting this error when I try to run it.

[Image: zelda-3rd-q-bad-rom.PNG]
[Image: zelda-3rd-q-inf-loop.PNG]

I want to know if it's my ROM, patch, patcher, or Emulator messing up, so I'm going to include my ROM, patch, and patched ROM SHA1s to be verified.

[Image: zelda-sha1.PNG]

[Image: zelda-3rd-q-patch-sha1.PNG]

Patched ROM:
[Image: zelda-3rd-q-rom-sha1.PNG]

Can someone help me out? Thanks.

Edit: My images didn't work out like I thought they would, so I added them as attachments, sorry.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Hi! From looking at the images you posted, it looks like you aren't patching to the debug ROM, you're instead patching the retail ROM.
On google, search "ZELOOTMA.z64" (I'm being vague for legal reasons here, can't directly show you where to look) and try using that file to patch to. The MD5 of "ZELOOTMA.z64" should likely be "E096FF9288059D59388192B9C6A92E0C"
Awesome, I got it to work thanks to your help! Big Grin
I'm going to enjoy playing this tonight! Big Grin
Wow! Such poetic language! I'm happy to hear 3rd Quest is still in development and I'm even happier to know that the project is in the capable hands of people so passionate about Zelda. I'll be looking forward to whatever dope hot sauce you have planned!
I'm really glad I came across this post Smile

I learned about 3rd quest about a week ago, and I've since played it and fallen in absolute love with it. I knew however from the date of the old forum post that informed me of the project, that something had happened.

The journalist in me sensed that there might be a story somewhere and the gossip boy within me hoped it was a juicy one, and the Zelda fan in me feared that it might be another failed project.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw some rumblings on that suggested you might just be flying under the radar. Keep up the good work guys, I really really look forward to seeing the next chapter in this saga.
I used to look at your old web site (maybee 2 years ago) but then you had to close it for legal reason. but said that you were continuing to work on it . I am happy to see you again here. keep on good work .

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