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[3Q] Project: Third Quest
I now have this mod in my head for several months. Back then, I saw a video about it and I'm impressed how good it looks. Do you need help with music? I compose music from time to time and upload it on my channel or on Soundcloud. The music I make is also turned into midi files so it could be useful for people who make romhacks. I have some demos of my melodies with a Zelda soundfont, if you like me to send them to you, feel free to send a message! I'd love to support a mod like that!
Hi! Smile I am a huge fan of Project 3rd Quest. It is a really well done mod. I am wondering is this mod still being worked on? Any knew's when the next patch is going to be released? Would really want to check it out. ^_^ I'm bored so I've been trying to find some stuff to play. Thanks. Smile Keep up the good work. Looking forward to it. ^^
Hello, I am a Mexican and I want to tell you that your work is great and I look forward to an update of whatever, great work and encouragement

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