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[3Q] Project: Third Quest
Thanks for the continued support! 3Q is still alive and in development. Perhaps we'll show something off sometime...

Love ya'll.
I just wanted to say that I have been following development of a sequel to OOT/MM since Ura Zelda was going strong, and while I was impressed with the idea, you guys are doing much more than they were ever able to and it’s amazing. It’s unfortunate that you guys can’t be as freely open with it as I’m sure you want to, but I’m okay with it because I NEED the end result. XD Hopefully we do get a little sneak peak soon, just to hold us over until we get to see the genuine masterpiece that this game will be.
So... The project has been cancelled? It looked sooo good Sad
[Image: FcMcXvQ.png][Image: rGQhhKo.png]
[Image: xkNCYtn.png]
[Image: 1HSfJyg.png]
Absolutely amazing! Glad to see progress. Not much else to say. You guys rock!
Fantastic looking! So stoked to some of what you're creating!
Love the originality and design of his new model
personally, I liked the old link model. But this one's growing on me... very slowly...
I'm speechless

Incredible job you guys!
So the game still in progress! Great!! Can't wait for 0.6 ver.

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