[Community QA] Bug Reporting: One-O-One
Hello, and welcome to Bug Reporting. If ever you encounter a glitch/error on the site, that is a Bug - and if you feel inclined, if any-where or by any-way, please document it here. Below is an ever-growing outline of how to properly document and report a bug. There is no guarantee we can fix anything or everything, but I'm sure we can fix some things along the way. This is a learning process in growing a new community from the persistent and mutual passions presented in our parallel projects.

THREAD SUBJECT: The Summary of the Bug, separated in parts is composed of "Issue Category - Cause/Effect or Effect/Cause", i.e. "Member List / UI - Page 4 does not show Avatars".

KEYWORDS: Characteristics or elements of the Bug, useful when searching for bugs if and when we find numerous, and there most likely will in the instance of us releasing new themes and such without deep testing, i.e. "Member , List , UI , Avatar , Display , Load , Missing. Be efficient in your use of words by selecting those that best describe the issue and thus, require the least amount thereof -- however, unless you are being intentionally disruptive by adding an incredible amount of keywords that makes this one bug surface in most searches, then adding more than a few keywords is o-kay.

PLATFORM: Your browser and optionally your OS and device.

MODE: The type of page you are on

URL: The URL(s) of the problematic page(s). If it is a universal issue, 'Any' or 'All'.

M: M is for MegaBug. A MegaBug is one of two things: a problem so massive with site operation, you probably won't even be able to report it, but even more importantly: Legal — This is of utmost importance. We are treading a fine line by modding existing Zelda games as-is, so, if you see something on the site that even seems illegal, bug it. We'll look into it and if we decide that it is, shall remove it.
A: Crash/Freeze/Loss of Total Control/Inoperability/Oblivion
B: Functional Errors: Accessibility, Unresponsive Options/Controls, Attachment/File/Download Errors, etc.
C: Graphical/Audio Errors & Errors in Official Announcements/Posts (if you see one we didn't catch, please report it!—and by official, that doesn't mean everything Staff Members write)
D: The tiniest things. Like, if a pixel in a graphic is off.

Always | Often | Sometimes | Rarely | Can't Reproduce; use your discretion for the values thereof.

Describe what the bug is. Save the method. Use this field to list attributes however you feel are needed.

List the steps in a columned numerical list, detailing exactly how to reproduce the bug beginning with the URL.

Describe the results of the bug, including the effect(s) it has on the site.

Describe what you expect to happen when you perform the action that triggers the bug.

Any additional information may be input here, typically bulleted, but add it as you please. Attachments appear as small thumbnails so it's easy to overlook them, as such, if you have attached something to the bug, please write something to the effect of 'Screenshot attached'. And keep the files as small as possible without diminishing the evidence. Feel free to draw on the images in order to highlight errors; bright, neon colors work well when boxing fields, pointing arrows, and writing notes.


And that's it! If you have any questions, please ask. Peace,

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