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Oot & MM Soundfont

These are Soundfonts for Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Each instrument was listened to in-game and reproduced into these Soundfonts so that they can be accurately played in a DAW.

The Soundfonts are setup so that no note editing is needed when exporting to midi. Certain effects unfortunately can’t be exported while in Soundfont form, and can only be achieved once they’re in the midi channel form, so keep that in mind.

Both the OoT and MM Soundfont folder comes with a modified RomDesc for Seq64, so that you can easily identify the instruments when modifying the Audiobanks.

Huge thanks to Isghj for helping me name and identify some of the instruments, reviewing the Soundfonts, and being the reason why I continued to work on the Soundfonts.

You’re free to use this Soundfont for anything, no credit is required.

If you find any mistakes or oddities, please tell me and I will correct them.

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  1. ElSturge May 19, 2021

    Hi, are these actually sound files ripped from the games? Or could I use them to make some game music for an original and commercial game?
    Thank you

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