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Master of Time

After saving both Hyrule and Termina, Link found himself without a quest.
He journeyed long and far without knowing what to do.
He thought a lot about the time manipulation he had done and asked himself if he was the real hero or if he was just a victim of these stories.
The more his obsession of time had grown, the more it felt that time was slowing down…
Until it froze completely, condemning his journey to an endless day…
Just before passing out from exhaustion, Link finally found a new country…

Master of Time is a new story in a completely new world, Abello, where Link must restore the flow of time.
Abello is a big and dangerous world but Link can count on the help of Nite the fairy.
Around 20 hours of gameplay in various areas and dungeons with custom cutscenes, songs and much more.
Good luck finding all 100 skulltula tokens and 20 hearts!

By doncamilo

Thanks to Retro64 for a lot of support
Thanks to Zel for custom actors(Goron,Zora,Guard & checkspot)
Thanks to Nokaubure for aswering to almost all of my questions during the development
Thanks to Mikus64 & Rogue_Millipede for the english correction
Thanks to Marco for a lot of knowledge on OoT
Thanks to dstin, LinkMaster, BETA_Unknow, StoneeBadLuck, XenoWars, Bas, hylianmonkeys, Nighttime71, Rogue_Millipede, DezZival & probably others I forget for betatesting
Thanks to https://hylianmodding.com/ discord server
Thanks to the tools & documentations makers

Tools used:

  • Sketchup
  • HxD
  • zztexview
  • SharpOcarina
  • SceneNavi
  • Seq64
  • MuseScore2
  • FL Studio
  • Aegh
  • https://deku.link/z64-text-editor/

Patch link :



You can patch here:

Soundtrack :

[email protected] or on discord

Please, share this game on you social media.

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  1. Newbornkilik July 14, 2020

    I found this mod a few weeks ago through the YT but was encouraged to wait for the next release. Is this a new build/ when do you think the new build will be ready? Stream fell in love with this mod as did I!

    Can’t wait for the final build, cheers!

    • doncamilo July 15, 2020 — Post Author

      The new version will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.

      • jaronc August 1, 2020

        anyway way to fix the deku sticks bug? I can purchase them but they don’t show up in my inventory?

        • modiX October 23, 2021

          There is no bug regarding Deku Sticks. The shop seller sells you broken sticks, because he doesn’t like you, sticks cannot be obtained in this mod.

  2. namorfa July 15, 2020

    I Played the pre release version from youtube and man this great mod for OOT Zelda Fans. I felt like i was a kid again at my momma house waiting for the food to be ready

  3. Arc_Ray July 22, 2020

    its a minor thing and im sure something not esy to test, but does this work on actual hardware? there a few mods that do.

    • Arc_Ray July 22, 2020

      my bad i misunderstood and thought this was released, WILL this be compatible with actual hardware?

      • Thirsty Pocket August 7, 2020

        I tested the final version on real hardware and it appears to run perfect at first, but once you get to some of the later areas of the game there are some major visual glitches that make it extremely difficult to see what you’re doing or where you’re going.

        • Arc_Ray August 8, 2020

          im not sure what the later areas could be yet, i got as far getting the hammer and going to the underground area nearby with the rusted switch. there is a room that refuses to load by crashing. specifically the room after climbing on top of the 3 cells to get to it.
          stinks as i spent a while trying to figure out where to go since i did not see the torches in there at first and it was hours before going back and seeing them.

          • Remek89 August 22, 2020

            I played on console and i had the same problem hope they fix this as you can not get any further:/

  4. Dokuganryu_Silvio July 31, 2020

    Not gonna lie, this has definitely caught my interest.

    Is the full version out yet?

  5. remc90 July 31, 2020

    How i play this

  6. remc90 July 31, 2020

    A tutorial on how to will be nice in this site

  7. chiefbeef August 1, 2020

    I encountered a bug when purchasing deku sticks from the merchant. No matter how many you buy they do not go into your inventory thus making the first temple not possible to continue within.

    • jaronc August 1, 2020

      I encountered the same bug,no matter how many deku sticks I bought there is none in my inventory, any way around this?

    • Thirsty Pocket August 6, 2020

      Adult Link can’t use Deku sticks anyway, and you don’t need them to beat the first temple.

  8. Ian August 3, 2020

    Was this updated recently? Will definitely try it out! Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Thirsty Pocket August 6, 2020

    I played on actual hardware but the segment where you had to go inside the guy, the stormy area in the sea, and that canyon with the dead guard all had extremely glitched visuals. It was possible to power through it but it makes playing extremely difficult, I’m afraid I can’t go on any further though.

    From what I played, it was very promising with very well constructed dungeons and overworld… My biggest problem is the writing, it was really off putting.

  10. Shmirko August 10, 2020

    After I’m done with The Missing Link, I will surely try this out! Pretty fitting to play after that one!

  11. remc90 August 10, 2020

    I have a bug in lozan castle after i go in the warp at end i get white screen can still move and press pause cannot use c items and i don’t get the medaillon so i’m in a infinite loop someone a fix

    • celestinea August 13, 2020

      Hello, had the same probleme “XenoWars” on discord fixed it for retroarch, you just have to wait ~ 10 min in the white screen and you get the medallion !

  12. sethreign August 19, 2020

    Can confirm this works on an actual N64 with a flashcart. Can’t wait to actually start playing it! ^-^

  13. Tom112089 September 3, 2020

    I just downloaded this game and I am loving it. However what is going on with the maps? I see in older versions on YouTube the location names appear on screen and there are maps. The version I downloaded has no names pop up when entering areas and there are no maps at all and this makes the world and dungeons very difficult to navigate. Are these things supposed to be there or are they cut from the latest version?

  14. atiberius September 4, 2020

    Just completed the game.

    -Fantastic puzzles, really stumped me in certain places
    -Long game-play. It took me many more hours to complete this game compared to Ocarina or MM. I loved the depth of the worlds and the creativity of the dungeons. It’s apparent that loads of work went into creating this game and the physics were very well thought out.
    -Many places to get heart pieces and skulltulas also made this game more fun. Puzzles to get them were intended for a master Zelda player, which I enjoyed as I was often stumped or had to reload my emulator.

    -The writing wasn’t really to my liking although it was funny to see cuss words so out of place in a Zelda game. There were several typos in the character dialogue and cutscenes dragged on for far too long
    -The story also lacked depth and emotion. I didn’t feel for the people of Abello the way I felt for the people of Hyrule. It seemed like their lives were generally unaffected by the presence of monsters and evil.
    -The ending. This absolutely caught me off guard. After completing the Water Temple and getting the Divine Fire, I was genuinely excited to open the Path of the Gods. I was hoping to see a more sprawling world as in every other area and a badass final temple. I was instead given a cutscene where Kaepora Gaebora and the Zoras betray Link. He is then sent to prison, Nite (your fairy) cusses at him, and the King sentences him to death. Genuinely pissed off by this.
    -Glitches. I understand this is a fan made game and it takes tons of time and effort to even begin such a project. If I had the knowledge and the tools, it would take me years to create something as cool as this. That being said, there are some glitches still lingering, which is a con to playing, but not something that really affected the gameplay too much. Just something to be aware of.

    I understand that I am no critic and that I have no idea what it takes to make a game of this size and scope. I am just a fan that enjoys the work of others. The Missing Link was short but sweet and I found it very enjoyable. This one was much more of a let down for me.

    The game was fantastic for nearly the entire journey, but if it isn’t finished, why release it? The ending legit pissed me off. I spent hours and hours on this game, getting everything I possibly could and this was my reward? A shitty cutscene and Link hanging by a noose? I’m sorry, but no thanks. Not cool.

    • J Robert Paul September 15, 2020

      I agree if I had any modding skills I would probably redo this while it has some good ideas what I saw for the endings trying to be super edgy it needs to be removed in fact I’d probably redo this game.

      I like how they tried to make a story after OOT & MM dealing with Link I guess becoming a drifter.

      Here’s what I’d just use the same assets from OOT. It would take place 25 or so years after OOT & MM. I would introduce a new villain a man of nobility he is a General in The Hyrulian Army by the name of Ammon Hammond. He is trying to get The Ultimate Power he has been corrupted he is into the dark arts. Instead of doing what Ganondorf did. He wants The Spiritial Stones since they’ve been given back to the rightful people what he is doing is creating mistrust between The Goron’s & Zora’s they’re committing acts of violence he’s used his dark powers to set up each race to make it look like a Goron killed a Zora & that Zora’s killed Goron’s He’s doing this to get The Spiritial Stones from The Goron’s & Zora’s he knows The Kokiri will not have a chance so he’ll go after them later.

      The Royal Family turns to 1 man Link cause he & Zelda exposed Ganondorf’s plans they fell through. Anyway you’d go to Lon Lon Ranch where LInk & Malon have been running it & Malon & Ingo are dead. (Now new character models for Link & Malon I would like to be seen made instead of reusing character models from adult Link & Malon from OOT) Also Link & Malon have a Son & A Daughter. (they can be reused young Link & Malon from OOT) A messenger tells Link he’s needed at The Castle. (Hyrule Field, Castle Town & The Exterior of The Castle can be all the same from OOT. I don’t think they’re would be need to make new character models so they could be the same from OOT in Castle Town.)
      (A new Interior area will be needed for inside the castle.)
      (New Zelda character model might be needed.)
      Zelda tells Link about visions she’s been having about General Hammond & the fighting between The Goron’s & Zora. She doesn’t want war. So you’ll need to go to Goron City & Zora’s Domain.
      (Kakariko Village, Death Mountain & can all stay the same as in OOT.)

      On The Death Mountain Path I would like some dead Zora when you’re going up. Now The Goron’s are hold a Zora prison at Goron City you’ll need to talk to them & defuse that situation.
      Going to Zora’s Domanin
      (Zora’s River as well as Zora’s Domain remain the same.)

      Link would Talk with Ruto she let’s him go to where & group of Zora are going to toss a Goron into Lord Jabu Jabu defusing that situation. Now you got to Gerudo Desert the only thing that would be here is the fort It’s under the control of Hyrule. The fort is just used as a base for Hylian Soldiers. You can buy supplies here talk with Soldiers. Now some troops you keep you’ll out them as traitors in league wit Ammon Hammond. Anyway they give up he’s got plans for tonight. Anyway you’d have to go to Castle Town at Night & go to The Temple Of Time. Where Link & Hammond would have words Hammond would talk about how he’s studied The Dark Arts Of The Twilight Realm. As well he mention all the flaws in Ganondorf’s plan. He’d also talk about he’s amssed his own army & he has the benifit of being on the inside. He’d tell him I have Darknuts, Iron Knuckles & Stalfos attacking the castle right now. He’d tell him I will rid of you no one will interfer plus I know all your moves. This fight would be somewhat similar to The Dark Link fight from OOT. (Keep that in mind.) When he’s defeated you go to The Castle you’ll fight through some Stahlchildren outside the castle. Inside you need to fight some Stalfos & Upstairs there’s a couple of Iron Knuckles & Darknuts to fight.
      You’ll save Zelda
      Next will be still shots & text explaining everyone involved with Hammond have been either hung or sent to The Twilight Realm.
      A still shot of Hammond becoming The Dark Shadow. (This will be a reused character model of Dark Link from OOT.)

      Then a year later Ammon Hammond now The Dark Shadow goes to Kokiri Forest.
      (Still shot of the kid guarding the enterance his head is slammed across the wall.)
      (Still shot of The Know It All Brothers running out being knocked out.)

      ( Still shot of Fado trying to stop him only she’s tossed to the ground the next still shot would be of her being stripped naked & horse whipped by The Dark Shadow.)
      He goes into Saria’s House
      (Still Shot of various Kokiri trying to stop him only they’re easily knocked out.)
      (Still shot of Mido with a Slingshot.)
      (Still shot of Mido being beat to death with The Megaton Hammer followed by The Dark Shadow ripping the wings off of his Fairy the squashing it on the ground.)
      (Still shot of some of the houses in Kokiri Forest on fire)
      (Then still shot Saria being taken away.)

      Saria will be taken to The Dark Palace with will be a reuse of Ganon’s Castle from OOT.
      So a goes to Lon Lon Ranch. Link is told he’s needed badly.
      You got to Kokiri Forest where some of their houses have been burnt down the shop is looted. The Kokiri all have their faces down are in tears & don’t say much. You’d go to your old house get The Longshot. You’d go to The Forest Temple to get The Kokiri’s Spirital Stone, The Fire Temple for The Goron’s Spiritial Stone as well as The Water Temple to get The Zora’s Spiritial Stone. Getting The Master Sword this would just warp you to The Dark Palace when you leave The Temple Of Time you’re automatically taken to The Dark Palace it will just be a reuse of Ganon’s Castle.
      The Dark Shadow would be the same kind of fight as Dark Link from OOT. After he’s defeated we get a still shot Link going to finish The Dark Shadow off. Only he’s stabbed in the gut by The Dark Shadow
      Still shot of Link yelling for Saria to get out which she does. Then he uses the power of The Triforce of Courage along with The Spirital Stones to kill The Dark Shadow Link dies in this process The Triforce of Courage goes back to The Goddessess

      I think this would have been better than Master Of Time.

  15. Jarcher September 8, 2020

    I think the hack looks great. Though, I am disappointed with the lack of bosses. I’ll take the vanilla ones at this point.

  16. darb_meister30 September 12, 2020

    Found a bug: If you shoot the torch in the murderer lady’s house to spawn the redead, then leave the house before killing it, the redead will never reappear, leaving you permanently locked out of getting the reward.

  17. Tummling September 14, 2020

    Hi. Have been struggeling with getting this to work, every time i try to patch the file its gives me a error
    CRC32: 9852a62f

    any ideer what im dooing wrong ?

  18. J Robert Paul September 15, 2020

    I seen playthroughs I wanted to get a repro of it until I saw how poorly done the endings were & there’s glitches I don’t know if they’ve been fixed but there’s areas’s where the screen is brown or blue. There’s things I would do to fix it I would like to list them here if anyone is interested & do a script to fix this mod.

  19. Aurel06 September 15, 2020

    I just finished the game.
    Very good hack!
    The level design is very well used
    The big minus is the bad ending which we don’t expect. Even if it is mentioned in the book in the library, nothing alarms you.
    Also, I find there is an inconsistency with Nite. Why would he betray Link with everything they’ve been through together? it does not make sense !

    Too bad also that the arrows of ice and lights were not exploited.

    I couldn’t find the giant purse for 500 or 999 rupees. can you tell me where we can find it? Also how can we have the blue tunic? Even if we can very largely end up without these two objects, I like to finish the games at 100% ^.^

    Despite everything I spent a little over 20 hours on it, and many thanks for this game.
    The difficulty is present, and we rediscover the game from another angle.

    Note: I managed to light all the torches without the divine fire at the last door. Only with fire arrows. So it would be better to correct this …

    Thanks a lot DONCAMILLO ! 🙂

  20. Joskto September 21, 2020

    So after playing the entire game i can say this is a decent game however, there are some problems with it.

    They are super unsatisfying to get and after this long and strenuous journey you pretty much just get cucked for a good ending however, if this entire game was just a troll I give props.

    Tons of grammar mistakes and mostly just edgy jokes.

    Pretty good overall however, the hook shot ones often make the player go on the edge to grapple.

    They range from okay to bad never an inbetween

    Overall, I say it’s worth a play however, don’t expect much.

    • J Robert Paul September 21, 2020

      Oh I seen a dude named Stonee Bad Luck do a playthrough I thought it was well made although I would fix the story in fact I’d probably start over from scratch if I had any modding skills.

  21. Deimoswolf October 3, 2020

    I played this romhack a while ago and I enjoyed very much the playthrough. I was a little disappointed by the lack of bosses tho but not that much. The design in my opinion, is refreshing. It’s not just empty square rooms, and there’s detail and some gore. I can guess alot of efforts was put into it. The things is… at one point during my playthrough, I was in the desert and my curiosity increased, I was enjoying so much the game that I could not wait to see THE ending. And when I saw the endingS… … I did not play the game again. The ending just happen out of no where. The endings itself is not a problem, but the way it’s happening… You expect to go to dungeon or maybe a boss fight and then suddently ! … senseless plot twist and the end. No in-between and all that in a tiny ass corridor. You just get rekt. Ok so now you know where is the shh- bad ending, there must be a good ending somewhere, obviously. Maybe something that has to do with time… since you know… Master of time is in the title. No, just leave the fuckin place. Wow… the name should be Master of Puppet, since we were a puppet, a toy, from the very beginning. I can guess you got tired of making this game. That’s okay, but instead of publishing it if it’s obviously not yet complete. Take a long break, and return when ever you feel like it. Sorry for the harsh critics, but it is my humble and honest opinion. Without the shitty endings, and with the presence of some boss, the game would be a EASY 10/10 game.
    Thanks anyway, for the few enjoyable hours that i spent on this game. Take care

  22. MAOT666 November 6, 2020

    I loved this Rom so much I even went as far as 100% it, If anyone needs help with All Skulltulas, Heart Pieces or other items I made a 100% list on Pastebin if anyone is interested, https://pastebin.com/BxVt52c6

    • Aurel06 November 19, 2020

      Hello Maot666,

      About Skulltula Rewards, at 30 skulltula i got heart piece instead giant wallet (999). I dunno if it was an error in my version or something else….

      • MAOT666 November 21, 2020

        Huh. I’m not sure than, Did you check the other skulltula people and see if you got the other rewards up to 50? Did the 50 skulltula person give you the 999 wallet? Because vanilla OOT are the same rewards in MoT. Couldn’t tell you why 30 gave you heart piece, not sure there’s been any updates for the same since first released

  23. Plumbo24 February 11, 2021

    I’ve tried patching this multiple times with different ocarina of time rom and it always gives me a checksum error. This mod looks amazing and I’d like to be able to play it so help would be much appreciated!

  24. IMFeeferz May 1, 2021

    Hello, I want to report that when I play this on my Everdrive, the game crashed when I enter a room in Lozan Jail. The room I’m specifically talking about is after the jail cell with the Gibdos and Wallmaster. I enter the door on the second floor and the game keeps crashing. Keep in mind that this runs on the Everdrive X7. Has anyone else encountered this error? What has anyone done to fix this bug or are there any recent revisions that fixed the bugs? Any help would be appreciated!

    • CoxBaigts September 27, 2021

      Getting the same issue on my ED64 emulator. Haven’t found any solution yet, I hope someone answers back with something.

  25. pparker2500 June 23, 2021

    Upon downloading the z64 file and patching it to OOT, I get “In a permanent loop that cannot be exited. Emulation will now stop. Verify ROM and it’s settings.” I downloaded the OOT rom from Vimm.net.

  26. ikolobo July 23, 2021

    I just finished this game. To be honest this is a great game for zelda modding. It captures most of the essence of ocarina. What makes it great imo, is that the game world is build from scratch except obviously for the assests. The puzzles are hard but not hard enough to make you throw the controller to the tv which to me works great. I played nimpize and finished and wont ever played it again, but this, masters sword is a game that is worth playing at least twice. And now for the bad, the story is not that good. Make it worse when you had two (three) silly endings. I think the bad ending might be the canon one for you, and it also has more cinematica to it. I feel an emptiness after both endings. i think I encountered with laziness at the last part because maybe you just wanted to have the game to be released as soon aa possible. You were just tired. Other think that is missinng is the boss fightings. In overall the game is an 8 IMO. Thank you for making that game.

    Played this game on my wii on wad format.

  27. Mr_Hylian October 15, 2021

    I’ve recently started playing this game and have been enjoying it to some extent, I am getting close to finishing it but there are a couple issues I’m having..

    1) How do you drain the water from the well in the first village ?
    Only YouTube video’s I’ve seen of this are people using glitch through wall tricks to blow up the bolder in the well.
    Whats the legit way to do it ?

    2) Where is the giant wallet ? I heard its suppose to be obtained from one of the people in the curse house, however after watching some videos of players getting the wallet. the person that was suppose to give me the wallet gave me a piece of heart instead.

    I do Have other issues as well but for now those are my main two.

  28. modiX October 23, 2021

    I found a bug that prevents me from getting a chest: When you kill all monsters in the forest without obtaining the chest (no hookshot yet), you cannot get the chest later (when you have a hookshot), because the chest is glitched into the mushroom. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/z6hDKXx

    How am I supposed to get the chest now, I cannot open it without falling down from the mushroom.

  29. mik406 December 28, 2021

    can someone explain to me where i can find the legend of master of time with malon?

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