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Master of Time

After saving both Hyrule and Termina, Link found himself without a quest.
He journeyed long and far without knowing what to do.
He thought a lot about the time manipulation he had done and asked himself if he was the real hero or if he was just a victim of these stories.
The more his obsession of time had grown, the more it felt that time was slowing down…
Until it froze completely, condemning his journey to an endless day…
Just before passing out from exhaustion, Link finally found a new country…

Master of Time is a new story in a completely new world, Abello, where Link must restore the flow of time.
Abello is a big and dangerous world but Link can count on the help of Nite the fairy.
Around 20 hours of gameplay in various areas and dungeons with custom cutscenes, songs and much more.
Good luck finding all 100 skulltula tokens and 20 hearts!

By doncamilo

Thanks to Retro64 for a lot of support
Thanks to Zel for custom actors(Goron,Zora,Guard & checkspot)
Thanks to Nokaubure for aswering to almost all of my questions during the development
Thanks to Mikus64 & Rogue_Millipede for the english correction
Thanks to Marco for a lot of knowledge on OoT
Thanks to dstin, LinkMaster, BETA_Unknow, StoneeBadLuck, XenoWars, Bas, hylianmonkeys, Nighttime71, Rogue_Millipede, DezZival & probably others I forget for betatesting
Thanks to https://hylianmodding.com/ discord server
Thanks to the tools & documentations makers

Tools used:

  • Sketchup
  • HxD
  • zztexview
  • SharpOcarina
  • SceneNavi
  • Seq64
  • MuseScore2
  • FL Studio
  • Aegh
  • https://deku.link/z64-text-editor/

Patch link :



You can patch here:

Soundtrack :

[email protected] or on discord

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  1. Newbornkilik July 14, 2020

    I found this mod a few weeks ago through the YT but was encouraged to wait for the next release. Is this a new build/ when do you think the new build will be ready? Stream fell in love with this mod as did I!

    Can’t wait for the final build, cheers!

  2. namorfa July 15, 2020

    I Played the pre release version from youtube and man this great mod for OOT Zelda Fans. I felt like i was a kid again at my momma house waiting for the food to be ready

  3. Arc_Ray July 22, 2020

    its a minor thing and im sure something not esy to test, but does this work on actual hardware? there a few mods that do.

    • Arc_Ray July 22, 2020

      my bad i misunderstood and thought this was released, WILL this be compatible with actual hardware?

      • Thirsty Pocket August 7, 2020

        I tested the final version on real hardware and it appears to run perfect at first, but once you get to some of the later areas of the game there are some major visual glitches that make it extremely difficult to see what you’re doing or where you’re going.

        • Arc_Ray August 8, 2020

          im not sure what the later areas could be yet, i got as far getting the hammer and going to the underground area nearby with the rusted switch. there is a room that refuses to load by crashing. specifically the room after climbing on top of the 3 cells to get to it.
          stinks as i spent a while trying to figure out where to go since i did not see the torches in there at first and it was hours before going back and seeing them.

  4. Dokuganryu_Silvio July 31, 2020

    Not gonna lie, this has definitely caught my interest.

    Is the full version out yet?

  5. remc90 July 31, 2020

    How i play this

  6. remc90 July 31, 2020

    A tutorial on how to will be nice in this site

  7. chiefbeef August 1, 2020

    I encountered a bug when purchasing deku sticks from the merchant. No matter how many you buy they do not go into your inventory thus making the first temple not possible to continue within.

    • jaronc August 1, 2020

      I encountered the same bug,no matter how many deku sticks I bought there is none in my inventory, any way around this?

    • Thirsty Pocket August 6, 2020

      Adult Link can’t use Deku sticks anyway, and you don’t need them to beat the first temple.

  8. Ian August 3, 2020

    Was this updated recently? Will definitely try it out! Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Thirsty Pocket August 6, 2020

    I played on actual hardware but the segment where you had to go inside the guy, the stormy area in the sea, and that canyon with the dead guard all had extremely glitched visuals. It was possible to power through it but it makes playing extremely difficult, I’m afraid I can’t go on any further though.

    From what I played, it was very promising with very well constructed dungeons and overworld… My biggest problem is the writing, it was really off putting.

  10. Shmirko August 10, 2020

    After I’m done with The Missing Link, I will surely try this out! Pretty fitting to play after that one!

  11. remc90 August 10, 2020

    I have a bug in lozan castle after i go in the warp at end i get white screen can still move and press pause cannot use c items and i don’t get the medaillon so i’m in a infinite loop someone a fix

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