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Masked Quest

Masked Quest, created by Garo-Mastah, is a Majora’s Mask mod featuring many changes to the world of Termina.


  • A new map to replace the Lottery Shop named, “Town Museum”.
  • Link and his forms have each individual colors.
  • Difficulty increased.
  • Suns song restored.
  • The infamous Moon trials are not optional anymore, with some masks required. Perfect for speedruns!
  • Beta enemies are back.
  • Few Sub Bosses are more harder to fight.
  • The transformation masks have special elemental powers in some attacks (ex. Goron Spikes have the ability to burn some enemies and the Fierce Deity Link is capable of killing enemies with his Sword Beam).
  • Link and his all forms can do manual jump, in 2 different modes, forward and stand jump.
  • FD Link has the Adult Link’s size and can open lifting dungeon doors, and can be usable anywhere with no restrictions of any type. He finally can use regular items & weapons, but he can’t use the hookshot, bow and magic arrows.
  • The Dpad mask and ocarina on-the-fly item selection commands courtesy from Saneki from his Randomizer tool are now available. So, you can press each side of the N64 Dpad directional to choose 3 of 4 transformation masks and the Ocarina as well, giving you the chance to handle 7 items.

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  1. Joskto January 9, 2020

    This mod has a glitch with the bombers and the beginning as the entire beginning is skipped and the bombers one of the them are gone. One of the bombers are non-existent.

    • Flax January 28, 2020

      I thought so too for a second, the one you missed is probably the one i did, he’s in East clock town, up where the silver rupee chest is.

  2. JfrP850 March 18, 2020

    How can I get the Mirror Shield? The mod already has some puzzles that don’t make sense, or just items moved to completely bizarre locations for no reason other than to “guess where x is”, but even so, I am unable to get the Mirror Shield, which is apparently its vanilla location. Was it moved somewhere else in an update patch, or is there [once again] some secret stuff I have to, not only guess but also do beforehand, in order to get it?

    • zerozerozero April 12, 2020

      Yup. Imagine my face when I made it to the end of the well only to find bomchus in the chest. Every other version seems to have the mirror shield in that location but not in this one (3.0). Also, Ocean spider house and Woodfall are missing(missing? or I didn’t look hard enough?) one spider and one fairy.

  3. retarded_wolf June 16, 2020

    Just registered in this website to say that this mod is awesome. Please keep the good work!!

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