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Winditor: Importing a Collision Mesh

In this tutorial, we will take a look at what it takes to import a collision mesh into The Wind Waker using Winditor.


Before exporting your collision mesh, you must organize the geometry in a specific way. To explain, here is a demonstration:

There must be 3 layers in the hierarchy: a root node, “category” nodes, and then “geometry” nodes. The root node contains the category nodes, and the category nodes contain the geometry nodes. In Blender terminology, both the root node and the category nodes would be empty objects, while the geometry nodes contain the actual collision geometry.

In the image above, r33 is the root node, while cabana is a category node. leaves is a child of cabana, so it is a geometry node and represents mesh data.

If this structure is not adhered to, the game will not function properly and Link will be unable to swim in any geometry marked as water.


When you are ready to export your collision mesh from your modeling program of choice, make sure that you export it as a COLLADA DAE file.

If you are using Blender, make sure you change the option that says “Y Forward” to “Z Forward” and the option that says “Z Up” to “-Y Up”, and also tick the checkbox that says “Apply Global Orientation”:

Not doing this will likely result in the collision mesh being rotated 90 degrees from where it should be upon import into the map.


In Winditor, the option to import a collision mesh into the currently open map can be found in the menu bar at File -> Import -> Collision Mesh:

This will open the Import Collision Mesh dialog.

The options are:

  • File: This is where you will choose the file to import. Clicking on the “…” button to the right of the textbox will open a file chooser. Winditor supports only .dae files for collision meshes.
  • Scene: Each Room in a map can have one collision mesh. This box allows you to choose which Room to import the chosen mesh into. Selecting a Room that already has a mesh will replace its mesh with the chosen one.

When you hit the “Import” button, your selected DAE will be imported as a collision mesh. You will need to toggle the Room’s collision mesh visibility or enter Collision Editor mode to see it.

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