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Getting Started with Winditor

This post will go over the basics of setting up Winditor. We will go over the Settings dialog and what each option there does, as well as some basic controls.


* We can’t give you the game, so don’t ask us!

Extracting the Files

In order to edit The Wind Waker, the files must be extracted from a disc image using a recent version of Dolphin. We cannot provide you with a copy of the game. The safest way to get a copy of the game is to rip it yourself.

Open Dolphin. Right-click on The Wind Waker in the Games Panel and click “Properties”:

In the Properties dialog that pops up, click on the “Filesystem” tab on the far right:

Right click on “Disc” and choose “Extract Entire Disc…”. If you do not see this option, make sure you’re using a recent version of Dolphin.

Select a location for the extracted files to be placed. Remember this location – you’ll need it later. We recommend creating a new folder to store the extracted files.

Once Dolphin has finished extracting the files, you’re done with this section. If you go to where the files were extracted, you will see that Dolphin has created two folders – files and sys. The files folder contains the game’s resources, such as models, text, and maps; sys contains the game’s executable, main.dol, along with other metadata about the game’s disc.

Note: We recommend making a copy of the extracted files and making edits to that copy. Having an unmodified version of the game will make restoring broken files much easier.

Winditor’s Options

When you open Winditor, you should be presented with a window that looks something like this:

Open the options menu by going to Tools -> Options in the menu bar:

For this tutorial, we are interested in the first two options:

  • Game Root: This is the path to a folder containing the game’s files and sys directories, as we extracted above. Note that any edits to maps, text, or events are saved to this copy of the game!
  • Dolphin: This is the path to an installation of Dolphin. There is no known restriction on version, but we recommend the latest version.

Setting both of these will allow you access to playtesting and any tools in the Tools menu. It will also allow Winditor to display actors with their proper models instead of displaying them as cubes. Click the “…” buttons by each option to open a folder selection window, then use it to choose the appropriate folders.

Once that’s done, Winditor is ready to use!

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