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The Fate of the Bombiwa

You have been tasked with aiding the Bombiwa Tribe with the missing person’s investigation. What will this task lead you to? The fate of the Bombiwa is in your hands.

This Romhack is very hard to the point of being rage-inducing.

— Don’t remind me that I made this. Please…

For a bit of context, a Bombiwa is a bombable rock that you see occasionally when playing OoT. Bombiwa is its internal name. It’s a meme in the Hylian Modding discord server.

This romhack is made for OoT 1.0. Instructions on how to play are in the notes. It’s recommended to play on an emulator, not console.

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  1. ColinDJPat June 12, 2020

    This is the first mod I’ve ever played and it was fucking difficult, but well put together. I’m excited to see what else comes from the modding community, including more from Dez!

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