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The Legend of Zelda: hero of hyrule (dimensional rift)

This post is to receive feedback and thoughts on this mod. All videos on the project can be found on my YouTube channel at “Shakem Beckford”. Leave your feedback on my videos so that I can get a clear measure of how many people want to see this project completed.…
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Traverse through six challenging trials in this mod made by DezZival!
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SharpOcarina is a tool once created by xDaniel and continued by Nokaubure. The program is a multipurpose tool for Zelda 64 modding.
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Dark Hyrule Fantasy

A new threat emerges in this world, plaguing the survival of all that lives. As this threat emerges, a light will shine bright in darkness.
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Custom Actor Toolkit

Custom Actor Toolkit is a program developed my Nokaubure, functioning as an actor assembler, disassembler, and injector.
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SEQ64 is a full-featured editor created by Sauraen for sequenced music in first-party Nintendo 64 games.
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Masked Quest

Masked Quest, created by Garo-Mastah, is an Majora’s Mask Mod featuring many changes to the world of Termina.
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Happy April 1st!
Over at HylianModding, @DezZival has graced us with a new Ocarina of Time romhack! While the context of the mod is an inside joke in the community, the mod is worth your time, as it is a genuine zelda experience.
Take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XZLK_xMPVQ

Good afternoon everyone! Hylian Modding's website is getting a massive restructure, and we look forward to y'all using it! Stay tuned, we'll have it up soon!

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